Yeti Solar Generator: Affordable Model


Goal Zero is the company behind the powerful Yeti solar generators. The company specializes in making affordable and grids battery-powered generators.

The yeti solar generators by Goal Zero are the best alternative to the standard gas-powered generators. The company makes easily portable generators that offer enough power for your appliances such as lights, refrigerators, etc.

The power station will get your most essential home device or appliances back online. The article reviews one of the most affordable solar generators.

Yeti 1250 Solar Generator

It's one of the many Goal Zero models'; it's an excellent power source that'll offer you reliable and portable backup power. The generator is fumeless and doesn't produce noise. With the Yeti 1250, relax and enjoy solar power.



  • Durability

The Yeti 1250 has a design that makes it so durable and can perfectly hold its weight. The unit is quite heavy; its design includes panels with serrated plastic.

The plastics secure the power pack corners; therefore, the unit does not have loose joints. The panels' installation on the unit is perfect, making it one of the most durable Goal Zero models in the market at an affordable price.

The portable generator handles are strong enough to carry 103 lbs—Yeti 1250 weight. However, the item weight can slightly affect the handles after some time.

All in all, it’s not a big issue for the average generator user. In addition, the plastic panels offer extra support to the connection of the handle to the rest of the product.

  • Portability

The one thing that makes people love the solar generator is its portable nature. It allows them to carry it to any place they go and offer an off-grid power supply.

The Yeti 1250 portable solar generator comes with a wall charger which enables you to charge the battery to its total capacity in just 16 hours. The generator can efficiently charge and discharge, which is reasonable considering its weight and size.

It has a lead battery that weighs more than 1250 watts models that use lithium-ion. Portability allows you to charge the solar generator wherever you are using sunlight.

The generator comes with a rolling cart and has tall handles that make it more portable.

  • Design

The Yeti 1250 design offers better functionality and portability plus adds to its looks. The generator has discreet compartments that are small for storage of top wires and the adapter.

Inside, there is a summary guide on charging and using after purchase. The information is helpful if you forget to carry the user's manual.

The edges of the unit are neon green and well reinforced; it gives the generator that industrial feel. The generator also looks unique and pleasant because of the design.

The metallic silver panels and deep black plastic around the unit add to its look. Overall, the model's aesthetic is impressive and pleasing at that price range. It has a rugged, durable look.

  • Usability

The generator has essential and straightforward features that make it easy to use. The LCD shows all the generator's details, making it easier to manage the generator.

It includes checking the output power amount, plus you can easily schedule maintenance. Ports of the front panel have labels; you can differentiate between the 5Amp and 12V ports.

In addition, the input and output connections are pretty simple and have a single-pin design. There won't be any confusion about connecting negative and positive wires.

  • Three-Power Output Type

The different electric devices need varying charging sockets that offer different power. The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 portable generator features three output types.

It allows devices that use 1200W, 2.1A USB, and 12V. It’s possible to charge more than ten devices simultaneously. Therefore you can power your fridge, laptop, coffee maker, etc., at the same time without causing voltage fluctuations.

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter

It’s another great feature, but you need to know that the pure sine technology is only on specific devices. Luckily the Zero Yeti 1250 portable generator has a built-in pure sine wave inverter.

It offers surge power of 1500W and continuous power of 1200W. Anyone who owns a gas generator or previously owned one knows how much generators produce fumes and are noisy.

All this can be irritating and harmful to the user and the ecosystem. This Yeti model offers clean power with no noise and fumes; you can use it to charge sensitive devices such as laptops, smartphones, etc.

  • Chaining

It's a fantastic feature for those living in areas that experience frequent power outages. It's possible to connect or chain the 12V, 100Ah batteries.

The chaining will guarantee you a longer run time. To actualize the connection, you'll need a chaining cable which you can purchase separately from Amazon.

  • Battery

The Yeti 1250 packs a lead-acid battery and not the popular lithium battery. It means this unit has lesser cycles than its counterparts with lithium batteries.

The lead-acid battery directly affects the price, so the unit is cheaper than other generators offering the same power.

The good thing is that Yeti 1250 still offers high-quality power, plus the charge times are impressive. Models with lithium-ion offering the same services as Yeti 1250 are more expensive.

Therefore you will save some dollars with this portable inverter generator. The lead-acid battery is equally as long-lasting and so tolerable to stress.

Plus, overcharging doesn't significantly affect it. Put in mind that lower prices do not mean low battery quality and don't have any notable effect on the different solar panels that charge it.

  • Compatibility

This Goal Zero model has several ports considering its price range. Having several ports enhances its portability with other Goal Zero products.

The portable device comes with a pack of solar panels. The company has engineered this portable generator in a way that it can connect to any solar panel.

However, charging time will vary according to the solar product you use. The Yeti 1250 solar generator has an in-built sine wave inverter on its output. Therefore you can easily switch between AC and DC.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Several outputs and inputs
  • Fast charging


  • Heavy

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Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Power Station with Roll Cart, 1200Wh Chainable Home Battery Backup Generator Alternative with 12V, AC, USB and Anderson Power Pole Outputs Automotive

Generator Safety Tips

The generator's primary function is to offer power to run your home or facility efficiently. The generators vary from small pieces to large pieces, and you have to treat them with utmost care for maximum efficiency.

Improper handling or usage can risk your life and that of your employees. Here are the most basic precautionary and safety measures you should take to avoid or minimize injuries or accidents.

  • Proper Ventilation

Generators' exhaust fumes have CO and other toxic gases. You need to ensure there’s proper ventilation. It’s simply the only way to guarantee the safety of those in your home or job site.

If you have a large industrial generator, you should place it on a concrete slab, and it should be outdoors. The generator room should have a design that provides proper ventilation.

Install it in a place where the fumes go away from the vent openings, windows, or doors.

  • Refueling

It would be best to refuel your generator constantly, but you should be extra cautious while doing this. Let the generator completely cool down first before adding fuel.

Some fuels such as gas are highly flammable and can easily ignite if it spills on a hot engine. An explosion from a gas can be difficult to contain, and it will indeed cause significant damage.

Plus, running generators are usually hot and can cause injuries. When refueling, you need to consider that fuel expands, and therefore you shouldn't fill it to the top.

It's because when you start running the generator, the fuel can overflow and spill on the hot engine and leading to a fire hazard.

  • Safely and Carefully Place The Power Cords

Many generator accidents occur when people trip over the power cords. If you trip on the cord, it might jack from the socket and damage power outlets.

The best way to protect the cables is by covering them using cable covers. Alternatively, you can install warning flags that alert and thus prevent people from waking into places with the cables.

  • Always Cover the Generator

Most generators have issues due to exposure to moisture. You need to know that moisture is the generator's worst enemy. You can only protect the generator from moisture by covering it.

Do this by simply placing a cover or container on the generator. Covers also help reduce noise pollution. Plus, avoid placing the generator in damp areas or areas with stagnant water.

Here you are at risk of electrical shock. If water seeps into crucial generator parts, it will significantly damage the appliance. Moisture also makes the metallic generator parts rust.


The famous Goal Zero Company makes yeti solar generators. The company has many generator models. Yeti 1250 portable inverter generator is among its most popular models.

It’s solidly powerful and can run several devices simultaneously. On the downside, it's heavy and difficult to move without the sliding rolls.

Many people do not like a lead battery because it's outdated and not as powerful as lithium batteries. If you want an inexpensive model, then you can choose it.

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