Tri-fuel Generators

Tri-Fuel Generator

As the name suggests, Tri fuel Generator can run on three different types of fuels viz Propane, Natural gas, and Gasoline. To switch between the fuels, just turn on the selector valve located above the low-pressure regulator

If you are looking for a portable generator that can run for longer days, then a generator with alternate fuel options is a great solution. These generators are suitable for areas with fluctuating fuel prices and inconsistent fuel availability. When natural gas is used, refueling is unnecessary. Propane is also another convenient option as it can be stored for longer periods of time and it is easier to find than gasoline during blackouts. Propane is a very clean-burning fuel that does not leave any damaging residue inside the engine. Using natural gas will increase the lifespan of the generator.

The most widely used fuel source is gasoline. But in these situations, you may not get sufficient gasoline. Hence a tri-fuel generator helps you run your appliances because these units have the facility to switch between different fuels.

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1. Tri-fuel Smart Generator STF9375

If you are looking for the generator that can run numerous appliances then the smart generator STF9375 is the best choice. This generator has a rated 9,375 watts. It operates at 7,500 watts when you top up with gasoline or propane.

This heavy-duty generator has multiple outlets. The unique feature of this generator is the smooth transition to any fuel source through the Genset without brushes. Though there is a manual switch, you can use the electronic start. The size of the tank is 8-gallon and can run for 13 hours continuously. The other features are a switch for controlling the voltage of the output and a indicator to detect the oil level when it is low.

With every STF9395 you will get a package of battery charger and a Drainzit. The generator produce a noise of 75 decibels while running. The generator utilizes 6,000 watts watts while running on natural gas.

The STF9375 Smart Generator work efficiently for all the electronic appliances at emergency situations.

2.Tri Fuel Generator Honda GX390

In terms of its features like performance and life span, the Honda GX390 is a great choice. This model consists of a 13HP engine and a pair of twisted outlets. The fuel tank is a 8-gallon capacity and a recoil starter is added for convenience. The Noise level of 75 decibels is acceptable. You will get a long hose kit and a battery charger. The overall set up takes on few hours and the generator can run smoothly.

This generator is accompanied by giant wheels and a switch that is suitable for more than 30 amps. This Generator unit is worth for the money you pay. The oil change can be quickly done since all the parts are easy accessible. The generator can start at 7000 watts and runs at 5600 watts.

The generator helps to power up the sensitive appliances. If it is not used, the small shell is protected inside the garages without issues

Honda tri-fuel package includes brushless gensets and chargeable batteries. This model is completely dependable and it has a warranty for 3 years.

3.Tri-Fuel Motorhead Generator Package

If you prefer efficiency rather than a budget, the best choice is Motorhead Tri-Fuel Generator. The engine runs at 23 that can give a high power compared to its predecessors. The harmonic distortion is 6% less and the battery is reliable.

This heavy smart generator also includes an Honda's GX630 engine which can easily accommodate circuit breakers. In addition, mobility gives great comfort.

The 13.5 gallon fuel tank is large with over sized wheels. For safety purpose, oil valves and circuit breakers are provided.

There are extra outlets in this unit. You need not have to buy the wheels since is available with the package. The hose kit of the generator using propane works good with sensitive electronics.

The Motorhead generator can provide a amazing starting output power of 2,000 watts. A massive power pack is guaranteed for running household appliances like your personal computer, AC unit etc. This generator employs tri-fuel options.

4.Sportsman GENTRI9K Tri Fuel Portable Generator

If you are looking for a generator with best portability then the Sportsman GENTRI9K is the a grater choice. It can start with just one pull thus giving a starting output power of 7,200 watts.

This smart generator is provided with both electronic start and recoil methods. It is easy to use for any outdoor activities to power up the essential devices.

This model is usable out of the box and connected through the battery of the motorcycle. It is EPA approved and CARB compliant(but people need to check the regulations in their areas). It is neither too bulky nor too noisy. The control panel has a variety of outlets.
The GENTRI9K runs at greater efficiency even at half-load. Approximately, the noise is around 80 decibels which is acceptable. The main disadvantage is that there is no automatic voltage regulator system. It also only comes with an 1-year warranty.

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5.WINCO 9,000 Watts Tri-Fuel Generator

If you are looking for the best portable tri-fuel generator at an affordable price? Then WINCO 9,000 Watts Tri-Fuel Pro Generator is a great choice. This engine has a 4.5 gallon fuel capacity with a rated surge output power of 9,000 watts. This unit provide only 5% of harmonic distortion.

The construction of the generator with steel cradle makes it best for long life. The noise level is around 77 decibels. The power output is rated at 7200 watts for surge when the engine is fed it LPG.

The accessories of this generator are ALL-terrain 2 wheel Dolly kit, a Low-pressure fuel solenoid kit, and a line voltage mirror. It is completely safe with a 2-year warranty. This generator is a good choice in areas with frequent power shortage. The run time of the generator is 3.5 hours. You are provided with 5 outlets. Hence you can power up the sensitive devices without any fear. the windings are made with copper for long life of the engine.

6.Honda GX390- 12,000-Watt Generator

The tri-fuel Honda GX390 which runs at 11.7 HP will never disappoint your expectations. Any sensitive electronics can be charged with this generator.

This OHV engine is dependable that can be coupled with both recoil and electric starters. The 8 gallon fuel tank can run up to 12 hours continuously. A hose kit is provided in additional if propane is used.

The generator unit has a rated 15,000 and 8,400 starting and running watts. The generator will get automatically shutoff when the low oil is detected by a sensor to avoid troubles.

During the generator operation, the noise level is considerably low around 75 decibels at rated running watts and surge watts.

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  • Honda GX390 OHV gas engine with low-oil shutdown
  • 8 gallon gas tank with fuel gauge that runs up to 10 hours @ 50% load
  • Control panel includes: (4) 120V outlets, (1) 120/240V twistlock outlet, and circuit breaker protection
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California ... Read More

7.Firman T07571 Tri-Fuel Quietest generator

The tri-fuel Firman T07571 runs on three different fuels. For switching between these fuels, a selector is provided.

Although the 8-gallon tank size is compact in size, it can offer a good runtime compared to Winco generator

A long 5.5 feet regulator is provided with the generator. Unfortunately if propane is used then you have to buy a seperate tank. To control the voltage, an automatic regulator is used. For detecting the motor's low oil, a sensor is a used which can automatically stop the engine's operation. Both manual start and the electric start is provided.

A tri-fuel generator helps to a greater extent by supporting alternative fuels. But importantly, you have to decide the best generator that suits your requirements.

Importance of tri-fuel generators

1.Multiple fuel usage helps to make the user more comfortable.

2.These units are handy. Multiple fuel options like diesel or propane can be used to power your devices and tools.

3.Switching between the fuel sources according to the climate makes this a great choice on the market.

4.You can obtain the required power by switching between the fuel options. If you need high power output, use gasoline and if you need less power then switch to propane or natural gas.

Guidelines for purchasing a tri-fuel generator

Before purchasing a tri-fuel generator, you should consider all the important factors to avoid problems later. The following are some of the guidelines that help you to make a clearer decision.

Wattage and Engine

The Powerful engine of the generator should be protected under a iron sleeve. This is the main factor to be considered before buing a generator. The unit's engine does not need high potential as the engine have less fuel efficiency.

Next, you should calculate the wattages required to powerup the electronic devices. Along with the peak power, consider the rated power also

Remember that the starting power and the running power can differ according to the types of fuel used. Power output variation depends on the types of the fuel. So ensure which fuel is best to meet your essential demands.

Runtime and Fuel Tank Capacity

The size of the fuel tank is directly proportional to the runtime. So you have to choose the generator wisely. Moreover, the load applied, the efficiency and the type of fuel used are other factors by which the runtime can be affected.

If you going to run the generator using gasoline, you have to consider the fuel size. In case if propane is used, you have to purchase a tank separately.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption is another main factor to be considered if you looking for a generator for your budget. Many generators require much fuel where some of the tri-fuel generators intake minimum fuel

Based on the applied load and the type of the fuel used, fuel consumption varies. But Gasoline is used less in other generators.

Starting time

Starting up a generator manually is difficult whereas it is easy to start a generator possessing a electric start button.

Power Outlets

The number of power outlets define how much appliances can be powered up during a blackout day. Choosing multiple power outlets is an advantage.

Safety Features

The stable power output is provided by the voltage regulation automatically. A sensor is used to detect when the low gets low. This helps in automatic shutting off the generator's engine.

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