Top 5 Generac Generator Reviews: Ultimate Buyers’ guide


Generac generators are some of the most popular options for residential backup power. These products are perfect for homeowners who want reliable, durable generators that provide power when they need it most.

Generac offers a range of portable and standby models perfect for camping, tailgating, or other outdoor activities.

One thing that sets Generac apart from competitors is its attention to detail regarding safety features.

Generators can be a great option if you're looking to add backup power to your home, but how do you know which one is right for you? Read on to learn more about the best-rated Generac generators on the market.


  1. Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator

Generac 7676 portable generator is perfect for mobile homes, cabins, cottages, construction sites, and other settings where electricity is not readily available.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Running 8,000W, Starting 10,000W
  • Runtime:11hrs@1/2 load
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Voltage:240V
  • Weight:214 Pounds

Key Features

This generator is among the most efficient generators in the market today. It has  8,000 running watts and 10,000 starting watts and can run for up to 11 hours of continuous use.

This generator has a long list of safety features making it very reliable in power outages or natural calamities.

Its low-oil feature ensures that the generator automatically switches off when fuel and oil levels are deficient, thus prolonging its life.

I have Power-Rush Advanced Technology that delivers up to thirty percent more starting capacity.

It comes with a battery that allows users to charge their vehicle's batteries if they run out of juice. The frequency can be set to 60 hertz for 120 volts and 50 hertz for 240 volts.

It has an electric start which makes it easy to use. It has a foldable handle and heavy-duty wheels that make it easily portable. It's also easy to maintain as the meter has regular alerts when service is up.

It comes with a pressure-treated steel roll cage which makes it capable of heavy-duty handling tasks.


  • Large fuel tank
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Durable



  • Noisy

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2. Generac 7680 GP6500 Portable Generator

Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator

This generator is ideal for power outages and emergencies, where power reconnection could take a while.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Starting 8125V, Running 6,500W
  • Runtime:10.5hrs@1/2 load
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Voltage:120-240V
  • Weight:178.5 Pounds

Key Features

Its most unique feature is its powerful protection from hazardous carbon monoxide. On detection, it instantly shuts down.

The OHV engine comes with splash lubrication and low-oil level shutdown features to prolong its life.

This generator comes with a design that allows easy mobility thanks to its lightweight frame, fold-down handle, and heavy-duty wheels that have been included in the package.

This generator boasts innovative features, including an easy recoil startup and easy-to-use controls-sense technology that stops alerts and saves during power surges.

Its Power Rush Advanced Technology delivers forty percent more starting capacity.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Powerful
  • Protection from carbon monoxide


  • Noisy

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3. Generac 7677 GP3600 Portable Generator

It has been designed with the modern homeowner in mind and provides all of the features you would want, as well as reliable power to keep your household going during a blackout or other power outage.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output:3000W
  • Runtime:10.5hrs@1/2 load
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Voltage:120V
  • Weight:105Pounds

Key Features

The OHV engine comes with splash lubrication and low-oil level shutdown features to prolong its life.

This generator is equipped with a large fuel tank with a fuel gauge that runs up to 10.5hrs hours at half load.

Its Power- Rush Advanced Technology delivers forty percent more starting capacity, providing you with more power. It has covered outlets to protect it from harsh weather and thus ensure durability.

It features a fold-down handle that makes it easy to handle and an hour meter that alerts you when maintenance is due.

It meets the CARB standard for air quality as well as emission control standards EPA Clean Air regulations.


  • Durable
  • Large fuel tank
  • CARB-approved


  • Noisy

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4. Generac 7117 Gp2200I W 50St Inverter

Generac 7117 GP2200i 2200Watt Portable Generator

This generator is ideal for camping and tailgating. You can use it at home or while you are camping in the wilderness without worrying about the size and weight of the unit.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Starting 1700W, Running 2200W
  • Runtime:10.7h@1/4 load
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Voltage:120V
  • Weight:46.6pounds

Key Features

This is a self-contained and portable generator that can be easily moved from one place to another.

Its dual voltage AC outlets allow you to power up your home appliances without the need for any adapters or modifications.

Additionally, it has a quiet operation technology that keeps noise levels low while providing consistent performance for continuous service.

A built-in fuel gauge on the front of the unit gives you an accurate reading of the gasoline level.

This portable inverter generator has an impressive 2000-watt surge power, which can power up multiple devices simultaneously.

This generator has an eco-mode feature, an automatic idle control feature that ensures it runs at optimal levels. It delivers double the output while only consuming half the fuel!

True Power Technology provides clean power for sensitive appliances.


  • Lightweight
  • Clean power
  • Fuel efficient



  • The oil change is a pain.

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Generac 7117 Gp2200I W 50St Inverter, Orange Everything Else

  • Quiet, Compact, Easy to use. AC rated output running Watts: 1700, AC maximum output starting Watts: 2200. Rated 120 VAC Amperage-14.1
  • Truepower technology provides clean, stable power ideal for sensitive electronics, tools and appliances while the 1.2 gallon fuel tank allows 10.75 hours of run time at 25% load
  • Built-in handle makes it easy to transport and the integrated OFF/RUN/CHOKE knob simplifies startup procedures
  • Economy mode provides excellent fuel economy a... Read More

5. GP3000i Super Quiet Inverter Generac Generator

Generac 7117 Gp2200 W 50St Inverter Generator

This generator is ideal for your next camping trip. It provides clean and reliable power for your RVs, tents, cabin, appliances, and other outdoor equipment.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Starting 3000W, Running 2,300W
  • Runtime:5.8 hours total tank capacity
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Voltage:120V
  • Weight:59.5 pounds

Key Features

This generator is the best value for your money. It has all the features you could want in a generator, including compact size, portability, and fuel efficiency.

It features an accessible pull-start technology and low oil shutdown system, plus reliable electric starting.

It also has a parallel capability that allows you to run two appliances simultaneously without compromising your generator's power output or performance.

The quiet operation makes it perfect for outdoor use without drawing any attention or disturbing neighbors.

This generator delivers clean, stable power for powering sensitive electronics such as computers and televisions.

The Power-Rush Advanced Technology delivers 50% more surge capacity making you enjoy more power.


  • Super quiet
  • Ultra-light-weight
  • Clean power


  • Expensive

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Factors To Put Into Consideration When Buying A Generac Generator

Generac is well-known for making high-quality products that offer reliable service during an emergency.

Generac Generators are environmentally friendly because of their superior fuel efficiency, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, they’re also cost-effective.

There are many different types of Generac generators available, but not all models are created equal.

Here are several key factors to consider when buying a Generac generator:


Capacity and Wattage

First and foremost is the size and wattage of your generator. You want to make sure that it can provide enough power to run all your appliances at once.

A GP3000i model will be enough for most homes with five bedrooms or less, but consider other models if you need something bigger (or smaller) than that.

Choosing a generator big enough for your needs is essential but not too large to unnecessarily burden your finances and energy usage.

You need a large enough generator to provide power for your home, but not so large that it won’t fit in your garage or shed. A portable generator will give you more flexibility and is easier to install than larger models.

Power Output

The first thing you need is to understand how much power do you need during the regular operation of your business.

You need to make sure that your generator has enough power for your different needs. How many appliances and devices you want to run using your portable champion generator will determine this.

The more appliances and devices, the greater power output it will require from the generator. Generators with over 5000W are recommended for heavier appliances.

Maintenance Costs

While generators are designed to provide backup power during outages, they can also help reduce energy costs by running during off-peak hours.

That’s because most Generac models feature an Eco Mode switch that allows them to run several hours at a time without overheating or draining your wallet.

Frequency Of Use

This is probably the most crucial factor to consider. If you're only going to use your generator once or twice a year, then there is no need to pay for extra features that you will never use.

A simple 2000-3000W Generac Generator would be enough for you.

Ultimately, any portable power system will need to perform under a wide range of conditions and workloads.

This means that it must be durable enough to withstand extreme weather, powerful enough to run the equipment needed, flexible enough to power multiple items, and compact enough to be easy to transport.

Inverter Vs. Non-inverter Generators

There is a vast difference between an inverter generator and a standard generator. Inverter generators produce clean power with a frequency of 60 hertz instead of 50 hertz, which means they can be used on any electrical equipment without damaging it.

In addition, being lighter in weight than traditional models, inverter generators also consume less fuel for producing energy than the other types of generators available in the market today.

Running Watts (Surge Power) Vs. Continuous Watts

Surge Power is the number of watts that can be generated for a short period during an emergency. At the same time, Continuous Wattage indicates the amount of power that your unit can continuously generate.

It is important to note that most generators can switch from Surge Power to Continuous and vice versa.

Fuel Source

Generators can be powered by propane, natural gas, diesel fuel, or gasoline. It’s crucial to understand the fuel compatibility with your Generac generator.

This will ensure that you never run out of fuel while also having more flexibility regarding using your generator.

We recommend using generators with an electric start because it eliminates the need for pull-cords and reduces the risk of injury.

Fuel efficiency (generator run time per gallon)

The priority should be 'fuel efficiency because the cost of operating these machines can get high if they are not efficient enough.

Make sure you choose one with minimum fuel consumption (0.5 gallons per hour) and how long it takes to charge up if this is an essential factor for you.

Noise level

A quiet Generac generator with low noise will not disturb your peace when used, but it will still be powerful enough to do what you want.

This is especially important when using a portable generator in an urban setting where noise could become a problem at night when everyone is trying to sleep, such as in a park or campground with neighbors nearby.

Larger generators with 6000W and above are noisy but very reliable.

Weight Of The Generator (In Pounds)

The weight of a generator is usually measured in pounds, but it depends on the manufacturer. It is important to note that most portable generators weigh 100 pounds or less (when empty). The average weight ranges between 50 and 75 pounds.

If you want to buy a portable generator with wheels, look for one that weighs about 70 pounds at most; otherwise, it will be too challenging to move around.

 Standby vs. Portable

Generac generators are either standby or portable, and it depends on the location of usage. You will need standby backup power in case of a foreseen emergency at home.

If you live in areas with frequent power outages, getting a generic standby generator is essential. Campers and remote job sites require portable generators since they are portable.



Generac generators are an excellent option for anyone looking to purchase a home generator. When purchasing, consider the capacity of your generator in terms of how many watts it can produce.

This will help determine what appliances you can use and how much power you need when purchasing one.

Ultimately, these Generac generators are among the best options on the market, and we recommend buying a Generac generator if you're looking for a quality machine that will last for years to come.

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