Review- Champion 4000-watt generator

REVIEW- Champion 4000-watt generator

Champion 4000-watt generator is a portable generator with removable wheels. It has plenty of advantages which make it unique in the market. The major advantage is its ability to start from a distance. The remote-controlled start makes the users work easy. Champion 4000-watt is a great companion for outdoors because in areas like construction sites you don’t need to allot manpower to start and stop this generator.

As the name suggests, 4000 watts of power are generated by the Champion 4000-watt generator. This fuel-efficient generator can run any sort of electronic appliances like computers, laptops, televisions, motors, etc. The exterior design of the generator comprises handles and a pair of wheels which increase the portability convenience of the generator. This generator can be used in public areas like parks since it is CARB compliant.

The 4000-watt champion generator’s noise level is around 64 decibels which is acceptable. Generally, most of the 4000-watt generators are louder when compared to the Champion.

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Specifications of Champion 4000-watt generator

1. The open-frame design of the Champion 4000-watt makes it quieter than the Champion 3500-watt generator. The fuel mode used in this generator helps to ensure less fuel consumption. Thus the life of the generator is extended.

2. This gasoline generator has a starting power of 4000 watts and a running power of 3500 watts which makes the generator run for 17 hours continuously. The 224cc high power engine of the Champion is enclosed by an iron made sleeve.

3.The Champion 4000-watt  generator model is parallel compatible. You can gain additional power by connecting generators of 2800 wattages.

4. The other features of this model include:

  • Cables for charging the battery,
  • a sensor for detecting low oil level
  • apparatus for monitoring the generator working hours, voltage, and frequency.

5.The automatic voltage regulator is used to control the voltage and temperature.

6.The Low oil shutoff sensor is used to alert when the engine is running on low oil.

7.The work of the fuel shutoff system is to shut off the engine when a low fuel level is detected .

8.The circuit breakers provide overload protection and the outlets are covered for safety. The choke type is automatic. The muffler used in this generator model is compact and very easy to use.
Moreover, there are certain guidelines to be considered before buying any kind of generator. This gives you better clarity. The factors are as follows

1.Power and Legendary quality

The first and foremost thing to consider is comfort. If a generator fails to satisfy your expectations of comfortability, then it is a complete waste of money. Unlike other generators, with a champion you don't need to approach the generator to make it start. Just by tapping a single button, you can start the engine from the distant place of about 23 feet away. The engine choke can be easily adjusted by using a single knob. A switch above the engine will turn the generator on and off. An economy mode is provided along with this switch. This mode makes the generator fuel-efficient and increases durability.

In addition, there are LED lights that help you to monitor any warnings like low fuel and oil levels.

2.Power Outlets

The Champion 4000-watt generator has a wide range of power outlets which can be used to charge all types of appliances.  Along with the starting power of 4000-watts, the generator consists of an RV outlet, DC outlet, and a set of buttons that can reset the operation if any overloading occurs. As this model is parallel compatible, it can be connected with two or more 2800 watts generator to gain additional power.


The design of the Champion 4000-watt generator is an open frame which makes the generator shrink by 20% of its weight compared to a Champion 3500-watt generator. Likewise, the noise level is also 50% less which makes it a great choice to use in public areas. A pair of wheels and handles do not come with the generator. It has to be purchased separately. This generator has a great look with fitted wheels and handles. There are some replaceable parts like the carburetor, ignition coil, and a recoil starter.

4.Noise level

You should be careful in choosing a quite generator. There are many people who purchased a quiet generator and kept in a place without running since it was louder. So you have to go through user feedbacks before coming to a conclusion. Among other quiet generators, the open frame design made this generator to operate with 20% less noise which is around 64 decibels and is acceptable.

5.Capacity and Fuel Consumption

The fuel tank capacity is 2.9 gallons and can provide 17 hours of continuous power at a rated 25% of the applied load. The frequency of the engine is about 60 hertz. At 120 volts, the generator can deliver a current of 29.2 Amp. The AC voltage of the generator is rated at 120 VAC. The raw power generated from AC is converted to DC by an inverter module. Such that the converted power can be used to charge sensitive electronic appliances.


If you have a look at the best portable generators list,  you will come across Champion generators. They provide a broad range of specifications suitable for any place.

From entry-level portable generators to expensive generators, champions never fails to satisfy your requirements in terms of quality and warranty. This industry leader offers free technical support to clarify your doubts regarding the product. Moreover, a manual is provided along with the generator to help you to become familiar with the operation of the generator.


The maintenance of a generator is directly proportional to the Durability. You have to check the oil level and clean around the outlet on daily basis. At the first time of using the generator, It is mandatory to change the oil in the fifth hour. For every 50 hours, you have to keep the air filter clean. Under heavy load operation, you have to change the oil again. Adjust the spark plug after 100 hours. The generator has to be placed inside a waterproof cover.

 8.Installation and Price

The best suitable area for installing the Champion 4000-watt generator is outdoors like construction sites. The economy mode makes the generator as fuel-efficient with an extended lifespan. The portability of the generator regardless of any surface is good with the help of a pair of wheels and handles of the generator. If you see a construction site, there is a lot of power tools. In such cases, a high power generator is essential to install. Champion is favorite in most construction sites.. The power of 4000 watts produced by the Champion generator is more than enough for a house to charge all the essential appliances at the time of power outages. During charging, these generators provide clean power which prevents any malfunctioning of the sensitive appliances. The price of this generator is affordable and comes with  good warranty. Hence the Champion generator can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Champion 4000-watt generator vs  Durostar DS4000S

To show you the quality of the Champions  generators, we need a comparison. So let us take a look at Durostar DS4000S and Champion 4000-watt generator. Firstly,  the warranty of the Champion 4000-watt generator is twice than that of the Durostar DS4000S. The heavier Durostar weighs up to 92.4 pounds whereas the Champion 4000-watt generator has a lighter weight of 81.6 pounds. The Champion operates with 5 decibels less than the Durostar. The Power rating is more or less similar with mild difference i.e, the running power of DS4000S is only 3300 watts whereas, in Champion, it is 4000 watts. There are more Power outlets in Champion than DS4000S.

Champion 4000-watt generator vs WEN 56475

Like other generators, gasoline fuel used in the Champion 4000-watt generator and WEN 56475. The running power of 3750 watts in WEN 56475 is higher than Durostar but less than Champion. On the other hand, the starting power in WEN 56475 is 4750 watts which is higher than the Champion generator. The fuel tank capacity is more or less the same with a slight difference of 0.2 gallons heavier in WEN 56475. The weight of the WEN model 112.5 pounds is  heavier than most other generators. Both generator models have the same number of outlets. The Champion generators have more features like automatic low-oil shut off, spark arrestor, Volt guard, and a Fuel shut-Off valve. Only basic features like Low oil shut down, automatic voltage regulator are available in the WEN 56475. At 50% of the applied load, the runtime of Champion is 12 hours, and WEN 56475 can provide power only for about 11 hours even with a bigger fuel tank.

Advantages of Champion

1. The generator can be operated from a distance using a remote. You don’t have to discontinue your regular regular work to turn the generator on or off.

2. The pull-start lever helps to back up the power of the engine when the battery is dead

3.The waterproof ability of this generator allows it to perform in heavy rain.

4. The Champion 4000-watt generator is CARB-Compliant ( California Air Resource Board) which paves a way to ship across 50 states including California.

5. It delivers high power with less noise.

6. Easy to move around with the help of wheels and handles.

7. This generator model is affordable and the economy mode increases fuel efficiency.

Disadvantages of Champion

1. The non-availability of a power outlet of 240 volts might be considered as a minus.

2. The pull start operation is more difficult than the push start.

3. The wheels and the handles have to be purchased separately.


In the above comparison of the Champion generator with other similar-sized generators, we would show you that Champion is the “CHAMPION” among generators with similar specifications. The remote-controlled start is the best feature liked by all the buyer owners because it makes the generator on and off from a far distance. In spite of fuel tanks with less capacity, the Champion managed to give an extra runtime compared to other large capacity fuel tanks.

Many of the generators are non-CARB compliant which prohibits their use across certain states. Unlike other brands, these Champion generators are CARB-compliant which allows it around 50 states across the globe including California. The manual with simplified instructions will help you to understand the basic operation of the generator.

If you look for a generator with special features, multiple power outlets, quieter, lighter, etc, then the Champion 4000-watt generator is a great choice at an affordable price.

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