Predator generator 3500 review

Predator generator 3500 review

Generators are high price items. But, they can be a life saver in every house and office. If you look into the Predator 3500 Inverter generator’s specifications, it is worth buying. If you want to use a generator in public places without disturbing others, then Predator 3500 is a smart choice. This generator has many features. This is the only generator that can provide all the specifications at the lowest price. If you want to enjoy an expensive generator’s characteristics at an affordable price, buying a Predator generator is the best choice. The fuel used in this generator is unleaded gasoline. It generates clean power. Hence, you can charge all the sensitive electronic devices without damaging them. There are four wheels for great portability. Other generators usually have two wheels. It provides a warranty of 2 years. Predator is the leader among the manufacturers of small engines. Good service helps the Predator's easy maintenance.


The Portable Predator generator can deliver high power with 212cc OHV engine. You can obtain 3500 watts of surge power and 3000 watts of running power. The generator power of 3000 watts is more than enough to run a refrigerator and an air cooler. You can use the addition surge power of 500 watts for appliances, which requires high power during start up. It delivers more power than expected. Thus, you can run different devices like Television, LED lights, etc. If you are not aware of the wattage requirement, you can simply add the power consumed by each appliance you choose to turn on during a blackout ( This generator provides clean energy, which helps in charging sensitive gadgets like smartphones without any damages. This model has many outlets, which helps in powering up multiple devices simultaneously.

Noise Level

The Predator generator runs at a rated 57 decibels which is acceptable. Though the generator delivers high power, its operation is quiet. Moreover, if you are running on a full load, then it is a bit louder. This generator is highly recommended for outdoor activities as it does not create much noise pollution and disturb you. The generator’s operation does not disturb the conversation between two persons.

Weight and Portability

Though it weighs about 115 pounds, it is comparatively lighter than other generators, weighing around 150 pounds. This gigantic Predator generator is more massive than Honda's 3000i due to its carrying handles and wheels. This generator is easy to drag around a smooth surface. However, it is challenging to move around if the surface is not flat. You have to upgrade the wheels according to the surface you choose to roll the generator on.

Easy Start-Up

The starting up of the Predator generator is easy with the help of an electric push-button. Along with this button, batteries are included.
Surprisingly, the generator is available at the same price, even with these electric batteries. On the other hand, you have to pay additional money for these batteries in different models.


The predator generator is fuel efficient since it runs on unleaded gasoline. This generator is handy, so you can take it to any place when the power is required. You can also replace gasoline with propane. But you can't expect the same output power with propane because it reduces the performance. The automatic shutoff system will seize the engine if a low fuel level is detected. This enhances the durability of the generator. The absence of a fuel gauge is a disadvantage, but you will find it has other additional features. Mainly the fuel used is gasoline, which is easily available. So it is easy to get the fuel anywhere you go.


The Portable Predator 3500 generator is affordable with a wide range of features, which can only be seen in expensive models. An indicator light is used to detect the low oil level on the engine. There is an indicator light that will inform you of the status of the oil. The digital LCD is easy to read and you can monitor for any abnormalities inside the generator engine. Like other generator models, the Predator 3500 is also parallel compatible. We can connect similar Predator generators to gain additional power.

Maintenance and Customer service

Only when a generator undergoes frequent maintenance it can work efficiently. The features like hours counter and automatic shutoff system will support you to a great extent. The engine’s automatic shutting as soon as the low oil level or fuel is detected can protect the engine from any damages. Likewise, the hours counter will help you monitor the hours of operation with which you can plan the service time accordingly. After purchasing the generator, you can be in touch with the manufacturers. If you report any malfunctioning of the generator within 90 days of purchase, the full amount will be refunded, or the generator can be replaced.


The price of the Predator portable 3500 generators is very affordable compared to other brand generators. Although you can find many affordable generators, this generator can deliver high performance and reliability. It is value for money for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Predator 3500 vs similar-sized Inverter Generator

While comparing the power rating of Predator with Westinghouse, the power rating is high in Westinghouse. Because when the surge power and the running power is considered, the Westinghouse generator's ratings are high. On the other hand, the noise level is less in Predator, allowing it to be used in public areas. Both the generator have a similar number of outlets. Next, we will compare Predator with Honda EU3000i. Considering the cost, the best choice among similar-sized generators is the Predator 3500. Honda has a larger fuel tank than Predator. If you look at the running time, the Honda is more efficient than Predator. Among all the generators, the Firman is the loudest generator.


The maintenance of the Predator generator is easy. A manual is provided along with the generator, which helps you understand the instructions and operate the generator. The guidelines in the manual will clarify any doubts of the user. Notably, the generator’s service should be on time to avoid malfunctioning the generator's parts. All your sensitive electronic appliances are safe due to the supply of clean power. The generator's low noise level will allow it to be used in public areas. This generator is the topmost fuel-efficient generators. Once the service is done correctly, there is no need to worry about its maintenance. This lightweight model is provided with handles so that you can either lift or drag the generator which ever you prefer.


Every coin has two sides. The power capacity is minimum. Hence, you cannot power many appliances in parallel. This generator is not weather resistant. The wheels can be used only on smooth surfaces. So you have to upgrade the wheels for use on both flat and rough surfaces. There are four wheels, which makes it a bit heavier. This model cannot work under remote control.


On analysing lots of reviews and feedbacks, the most common comment is that the Predator 3500 is worth buying. It has incredible features and provides an excellent solution to most of your challenges. This generator delivers high performance with low noise. The engine is highly fuel-efficient, which helps in continuous 24/7 operation. Unlike the other two-wheel generators, this model is provided with four wheels.
This Predator generator will not fail you. The acceptable noise level of 57 decibels will not disturb your neighborhoods. These parallel compatible generators give extra power. Since this generator has similar specifications at the lowest price compared to other expensive inverter generators, it makes it a great choice.

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