Kodiak Solar Generator Review

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The kodiak solar generator is an ideal solar generator  for people who spend most of their time outdoors, in RVs, etc. It is a preferred choice as it offers an outstanding balance of all the important features. 

Passionate Campers and RV owners know that the most powerful solar generator is not the best overall. 

Other than the incredible watt, hours there are other essential factors you need to look into. It includes weight, size, charging time, charge cycle, and output and input options.

The kodiak solar generator is expensive but has excellent features like a high-capacity battery, three-way recharge, 4 USB outlets, and many more. 

Why Should You Choose It

Who Should Buy This Generator?

Key Features


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Why Should You Choose It

  • Quiet and Clean 

Quietness is one of the perks of this solar generator. It does not produce noise because it lacks moving parts. 

Moving parts usually run or grind, and in the process, they produce a lot of noise. The Kodiak Solar Generator is the quiet means to power your RV or camp. 

Another great thing is that the generator does not produce waste products inform of smoke or fumes. 

The fumes usually contain poisonous gases like carbon monoxide that pollute the environment. With this generator, you will be protecting your health and that of others. 

  • Portable 

The Kodiak Solar Generator is ultra-lightweight with just 20 pounds. Unlike the traditional and other solar generators, you won't need a lot of effort to move them from place to place. Because of its lightweight installation has also been made easier. 

  • Durable 

The build quality of this solar generator is perfect. The generator will comfortably serve you for 15+ years. It has been built to withstand light knock. 

Plus, with how it's easy to maintain and use, you can exceed the lifespan with issues. Because of this, the Kodiak Solar Generator can be a fantastic investment that will always offer a reliable power supply during outages. 

  • Easy To Maintain 

Like other solar generators, the Kodiak Solar Generator is self-regulating. Therefore you won't have to worry about repairs. 

Another thing that makes it easy to maintain is the lack of moving parts. You will not experience issues of machine parts breaking down because of extended usage. 

The generator is also easy to clean. It would be best if you wiped it using water since other chemicals can corrode the parts of the solar generator. 

  • Backup Energy Source 

The solar generator will act as the perfect backup for your home and other outdoor activities. You can use it to run your microwave, TV, refrigerator, and many more in case of power outages. 

  • Space Saver

Before, the mention of a generator had people thinking about massive, noisy units. The invention of solar generators changed all this. 

The portable Kodiak Solar Generator is pure, simple, and a space saver. You can use it in RVs, boats, camping where space is at a premium. 

Even the portable power station is compact, and it will offer your efficient power. The power that satisfies all your needs without using a lot of space. 

  • Free Energy 

Buying the unit can be a bit costly. But with the solar generator, you will be using free energy. 

You use the sun, which is accessible to power your appliance and devices such as phones, laptops, etc. The benefits of the sun are many; you can live off the grid at any time you want. 

If you spend most of your time in your RV, using the Kodak Solar Generator will be great financially. As long as the sunlight is available, you will always have power. 

kodiak solar generator


Who Should Buy This Generator

  • Anyone who owns a house and needs a backup power system
  • Van dwellers 
  • Camping enthusiasts
  • By professionals for disaster relief 

What’s included in the Package

  • Shoulder carrying strap
  • One Kodiak Energy portable solar generator  
  • One-Year Warranty
  • AC charger

kodiak solar generator Key Features

  • Powerful Output

With only 1100 watts, the Kodiak solar generator is not the most powerful in the market. There are other better options like Goal Zero Yeti 3000 and Yeti 1400. 

However, the Kodiak is still so powerful for its weight and size. The Yeti 1400, which is the closest competitor, weighs 45lbs which is double its size. 

The 1100Wh is still quite powerful. You will be able to power your small appliances like the phone and medium devices like mini-refrigerator, TVs, microwaves, and many more. 

The solar generator can also power some modern high-efficiency washing machines for some cycles. Although the maximum amount of power the washing machines draw should be below 1100 watts. 

Do not worry when it comes to RV or camping. It can run all your needs, including lights. At home, it might not be able to offer backup to all parts of the house. 

However, it can effectively power the most crucial appliance like medical devices, lights, and portable AC. 

  • Compact and Lightweight 

The dimension of this solar generator is 14 x 7 x 8 and weighs only 20 pounds. It’s interesting how such a small machine offers much power and versatility. 

It has a heavy-duty, ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry, plus you can carry it in a bag. The compact design makes it the best choice for those who love to spend outdoors. 

  • Versatile Input and Output Options 


These are indeed the features that make the Kodiak solar generator an excellent option for RV owners and campers. 

Nothing will ever go wrong with this powerful portable power station. There are several ways to recharge the solar generator and draw power from it. 

When it comes to recharging, there are three ways you can do it. First, you can use the high-current charging solar port. 

The solar input capacity is 600W which is a higher capacity that allows you to charge faster. Another way is by using the AC wall charger with an input rating of 270 watts.  

You can also charge the solar generator from the AC port in your car.  So, wherever you are, there is a way you can recharge the battery. Be it at home, in your car, or outdoor, and this offers convenience. 


The Kodiak portable power station has many output options that allow you to charge and run your devices. It has two DC sockets, each with a maximum rating of 15 amps. 

It also has four USB ports with ratings of five volts for charging your phone and other devices that have USB support. 

The portable power station has six 110V AC outputs. These AC outputs offer continuous 1100watts up to 3000 watts at starting surge. 

You can plug your appliances like the mini-fridge on the AC outputs, but they should not exceed the continuous wattage ratings. 

It also has an RV plug with a rating of 125V. Lastly, the Kodiak solar generator has two basecamps LED ports that have a maximum rating of 50W. 

This output comes in handy during an emergency or off-grid lighting. You can connect up to 10 LEDs per port. 

  • Battery Expansion Compatibility

This is another excellent feature of the Kodiak. You can add extra batteries to extend the backup capacity. 

This makes it the ideal choice for large boats, RVs, and tiny homes. Wiring the deep cycle batteries means an extended run time for your appliances and devices. 

  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion Battery 

The lithium-ion battery is known to have several advantages over the old lead-acid batteries. Therefore lithium-ion batteries in Kodiak solar general can undoubtedly withstand years of use without degrading. 

According to energy, the battery is perfect for up to 2000 cycles.  These cycles are four times more than those of its closest competitor, Yeti 1400. 

Plus, its shelf life is ten years. I vouch for the Kodiak to anyone who needs a reliable, high-capacity battery. With Kodiak, you will not stress about replacing the battery after some months. kodiak solar generator


  • Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 14W x 7H x 8D Inches
  • Internal Battery Capacity: 1100Wh
  • Battery expansion: Yes
  • Minimum Charge Time: 2 hours (In optimal Conditions)
  • Operating Temperature: -15”F to 150”F
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • 12 VDC Outputs: 2
  • USB Outputs: 4
  • AC Outputs: 7


  • It’s Expensive 

The Energy Kodiak solar generator price is about $1500. The price does vary according to different sellers. 

This price is pretty high for a solar generator. However, great features such as portability and power capacity, and versatility justify this price.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are solar panels recommended for this product?

Most solar panels do work with the Kodiak. However, they should not exceed 600 watts or 30 volts. However, the most recommended is the 135 watts solar panel. 

What temperatures can this generator withstand?

The lowest temperature that Kodiak can withstand is -15 degrees F, and the maximum is 150 degrees F. 

Overall, the Kodiak solar generator is among the best portable solar generators. It has a relatively simple design and yet offers everything you need. 

By simple design, I mean no fancy options and settings, just a down to solar generator. However, it offers all the essential features that you need to camp or do other outdoor activities comfortably. 

You can charge your devices and run the mid-size appliances. Plus, it has several recharging options. 


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