Review on Honda EU2200i

   Review of Honda EU2200i

Honda sets a remarkable standard among generators with the brand new EU2200i inverter generator. The new EU2200i model isa great choice among portable generators for both indoor and outdoor activities.
Undoubtedly, the best quiet, dependable, durable, and easy use generator is the Honda EU2200i. In addition, it provides better performance but with virtually no change in weight or cost.

This generator is ideal for your TV, DVD, fridge, and your coffee pot. The new Honda EU2200i inverter generator offers amazing power output to the users by delivering 10 percent more power than the old EU2000i model.

With extra wattages, there are special functionalities like then generator continue to operate even if there is no fuel with the help of a fuel shut off valve. Every part of the generator is bigger thus helping in easy oil change and super cooling with increased ventilation.

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Honda 662220 EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Patio, Lawn & Garden

  • This popular model can operate a wide variety of appliances, making it perfect for portable use at home, camping, on the job site, or much more. Reliable Power is now at your fingertips with Honda's Inverted Generators.
  • So quiet, your neighbors will thank you. The EU2200i operates at 48 to 57 dBA, which is less noise than a normal conversation. This makes it ideal for camping, supplemental RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation.
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Why Honda EU2200i?

There are many specifications that make the Honda EU2200i irreplaceable in the market. In this design, most of the space is occupied by the fuel tank. The impressive specifications of the Honda EU2200i are very attractive and you might think that it deserves a place in your house. Let’s have a look at some of the most important features of EU2200i.

1.Power and Legendary quality

As we discussed earlier, the EU2200i delivers 10% more power than the EU2000. Thus, enabling you to power more of what you need with no compromise in the quality and size. It is very lightweight and compact in nature. Whether it’s a refrigerator or a large saw on a construction site, the EU2200i never fails to amaze with extra power and it gets the work is done. It weighs less than 47 pounds.


This generator can provide power for appliances like microwaves, hair-dryer, small AC units, and much more. This makes it a perfect generator for portable use at home, camping, on the Jobsite, etc.


The Eco-Throttle System offers EU2200i a great fuel efficiency. Depending on the load, it runs from 3.2 to 8.1 hours on a single tank without refueling. This makes it ideal for overnight power. The “ Fuel Off ” position allows the engine to run continuously until the majority of the fuel in the carburetor is consumed and the engine shuts off. The engine is protected by oil alert which helps in shutting off when the low oil is detected. An electronic Circuit Breaker prevents the generator from overloading. EU2200i meets all the USDA standards for areas where the spark arrestors are required for operation. (please check the legislation in your area before buying)

4.Reliability and Durability

The EU2200i is powered by Honda GXR120 commercial series engine. The GXR120 can deliver fuel-efficient performance in a small, lightweight package. At a displacement of 12cc, the GXR120 is at the top class. You will need to do some checking whether the generator is able to provide the power you need to get the work done. Since it is originally developed for heavy-duty construction equipment, the GXR120 can deliver outstanding reliability and durability.

5.Less Noise and Easy Start

It runs in such a way that your neighbors thank you. The engine can operate at less than 57 decibels which are less noise than a normal conversation. The EU2200i is designed for a quick and easy start. Honda’s automatic mechanical decompressor system reduces the amount of force required to start the engine. The grey color-coded operational contact points can quickly guide the user.

Honda EU2200i Vs Honda EU2000i

Technically, if you look into the specifications, you can observe few improvements in the new model Honda EU2200i.
Considering the weight, the difference between the old and the new model is 1 pound. That is the old model is 1 pound lighter with similar dimensions of the new model. There is an extra 200 watts in Honda EU2200i when compared with old model.

The old and new model looks similar in dimension, but the new model is 1 pound heavier. This slightly heavier model offers you more power with an increase of 200 watts compared to the EU2000i model.

The added power will not benefit you with increased run time. On applying rated load, Honda EU2200i can reduce the the overall run time.

The Honda EU2200i is quieter because on the types of the engine used in this model. This unit is produce 5 decibel less than other generators. Hence, it is recommended for outdoor trips.

In Honda EU2200i, only manual starting of the engine is possible.

Honda EU2200i Vs Similar Inverter generators

The Honda EU2200i is compared with other portable inverter generators like Briggs & Stratton 30651 PowerSmart Series and the WEN 56225i series.

With same running power , the extra 50 watts surge power is the only difference between the WEN series and the Honda EU2200i.

Among the inverter generators, the Honda EU2200i is the delicate and sheer model. The WEN model is 2 pounds heavier than the Honda EU2200i. This generator is very expensive while the other generators comes under similar price category.

Merits and Demerits of Honda EU2200i


With no compromise in the same weightless design, the main advantage of the Honda EU2200i is its extra 200 watts.The 0.95 gallon fuel tank can run for 8hours and it energy efficient.

Parallel capabilities with other models make Honda EU2200i a greater option when there is a requirement of extra power. The parallel connected inverter with great portability can provide sufficient power to all the appliances.

Although the electric push start is absent, the initial operation of the generator is clearer. The color coded indicators guides the users who are new to handle the generators

The design of the oil control system is very easy. Every part of the generator is big which helps in easy change of the oil.

By modernizing the stator, rotor and ventilation, Honda has improved the quality of the generator. The former provides better electrical output and the latter protects the unit from overheating.


A few specifications could be better

An electrical start button is easy when compared to manual switch. But the model would be much more better if both type od switches are present.

Reviewing generators, most of the push start are unused. On the hand, the Honda EU2200i have a quality and operative push start.

There is should be at least some improvement in the run time of the new model. But Honda EU2200i run time has not difference when compared to Honda EU2000i. Honda might consider this complaint from the users.

User feedback

  • The engine has increased capacity since the 2200i uses high power engine 121cc GXR120. At heavy load, it runs for 3.2 hours whereas on light load, its run time can extend up to 8.1 hours.
  • There is increased ventilation along the bottom of the front panel which helps in keeping the inverter and other circuit boards cooler to avoid failure during the operation.
  • The ignition dial has a fuel shutoff position adjacent to the offsetting. This makes you to run the carburetor dry after use without emptying the float bowl manually.
  • The size of the oil dipstick varies. The grey coded interface can guide the amateur users.
  • At times of bad weather conditions, you will be able to run your essential appliances for about 8 hours.
  • The generator does not come with oil, so make sure you have some. Although the 2200i has additional features, the price is the same as that of a 2000i.
  • The use of non-ethanol gas is recommended to avoid starting trouble with the generator.
  • The motor is larger with an efficient inverter. The shifted fuel Shutoff valve position for induction shutoff allows the generator to run with the gasoline valve in the “off” position.
  • A single gas tank can produce more than 6KWh of electricity whereas most of the other generators produce less than 5 KWh per gallon of gas.


Above all, Honda EU2200i satisfy all the fundamental technical aspects that you expect from a inverter which make it a priority generator in the list. You can hardy get any disadvantages in this model. The technical aspects of the generator is good as other other inverters or even comparatively better than its competitive models. The price of the Honda EU2200i defines its quality. This light weight generator has a good run time and it is parallel compatible.
In 200 watts generator category, if you search a good portable inverter generator, he first suggested generator from the buyer owners will be Honda EU2200i.

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