Honda EU2200i Generator Review

Honda EU2200i Generator


The Honda EU2200i Generator is a high-quality product that you are guaranteed to come across when shopping for a generator.

It is part of Honda's new generation of highly efficient generators, and it will be an invaluable asset for you.

This generator has many features that come together to make it more efficient and reduce the generator's effect on the environment.

These features also keep the user safe and ensure durability for itself and the appliances connected to it.

This affordable yet high-performing product is one you have to buy. It can work in a wide range of conditions and power many appliances simultaneously.

Adding these capabilities to its portability, it becomes clear why the Honda EU2200i is such an amazing product.

Why Should You Choose It

Who Should Buy This Generator?

Key Features


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Why You Should Choose It


This generator has dimensions of 20" by 11.4" by 16.7", weighing 53.6 pounds. It has a handle at the top; this mass and the dimensions make the Honda EU2200i easily portable and usable in almost any terrain.

You can move with it from several working sites without having to think too much about the transportation.

It can fit in the trunk of a car or the back of a pickup truck if you have one. You could even carry it with one hand and take it wherever you need it.

Low Noise Production

One of the biggest issues with generators or any other engines is the noise they produce. With the EU2200i, you don’t need to worry about this.

This generator produces 62 dB of noise on the highest load, and your neighbors will thank you for getting it.

62 dB is not much louder than what two people talking while a meter apart would sound. This means that you can use it close to the house or in a residential area without getting noise complaints.

Safe for User 

This product has some important safety features to help keep you, your appliance, and the generator safe.

The generator will automatically shut off when the oil level drops below the recommended to protect the engine.

All power outlets from this generator are connected to a circuit breaker which will trip and cut the power supply should the generator get overloaded. This will prevent power surges that can damage electrical equipment and cause fires.

Considerable Power Output

This small Honda generator can offer surge power of up to 2200 watts and continuous power of 1800 watts.

It has three power outlet ports, two AC and one DC, and all of these deliver 120V, which most home outlets have.

It is Easy To Use

The user-friendliness of this generator is another part that attracts most customers. It has a reliable recoil start that gets the generator running with one pull if it was turned off correctly. All operation points are colored grey to make it easy for you to identify.

The generator is easy to use, and should you get any challenges; you can consult the detailed user manual.

The design itself makes maintenance procedures such as cleaning and changing the oil relatively simpler than other generators.


Like many other Honda products, the EU2200i is a high-quality product that is guaranteed to last long. All the parts are authentic and well designed by Honda to give the best performance for the longest time.

The cover panels hide away all the sensitive components to prevent accidental damage. The body itself is premium, and everything about the generator is top tier. You will not be visiting the repair shop with this generator.

Powerful Engine

A generator is only as good as its engine, and the Honda EU2200i has the best engine. It has a 121cc GXR120 engine that will keep the power in your house running. Honda is known for creating engines that last lifetimes, and this is no exception.

With the eco-throttle off, this engine can go at up to 4500 rotations per minute, ensuring you always have a stable current for your electronics.

Considerable run time

The biggest issue with this generator is its low running time of about 3 hours on a full tank at full load.

At a quarter load, the generator can go up to 8 hours which is impressive considering the size of its fuel tank.

This generator has a 0.95-gallon fuel tank, making it more portable but at the cost of its run time. The eco throttle feature is another contributing factor since it reduces fuel consumption, cutting down on power production.

Supports My Generator App

With the Honda EU2200i generator, you can use the Honda my generator app, both on android and iOS, for more convenience.

The app connects to your generator using Bluetooth, and it allows you more control and to see the generator's performance.

You can see oil life, run hours, remaining run time estimate and output power to keep you in the loop about your use. You will also get reminders about maintenance for your generator to ensure you don’t skip it.

Comes With a Warranty

Generators are expensive, and when you buy one, you need to be assured of its quality and durability.

These two are what you will get from Honda, and this is proven by their three-year warranty both on domestic and commercial use.

Should this generator stop working or break down during this period, you can return it and get a replacement concerning the return policy.

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Who Should Buy This Generator

This is an amazing product, and it will be a good fit for the following people;

  1. Users with small construction projects need a portable and reliable source of power.
  2. Any homeowner who needs a short-time backup source of power in case of an outage or remote use.
  3. For campers that need a light without making too much noise in the camp.
  4. A good choice for buyers with small cabins or trailers that don’t need too much power to operate.
  5. It can be a good choice for emergency crews since it is portable and reliable in producing electricity.

What’s included in the Package? 

  • Honda EU2200i Generator
  • User manual
  • Accessory sheet
  • Product registration information

 Honda EU2200i Generator Features

Forced Air Cooling System

The burning fuel and rotating engine produce a lot of heat through combustion and friction. The EU2200i has a forced-air cooling system that pushes air around the engine to keep it cool without damaging performance.

The engine will stay warm for maximum performance, but it will not overheat. An overheated engine could cause damage to the generator and reduce its efficiency and lifespan.

Recoil Starting 

The Honda EU2200i generator has only the recoil starting feature with no electric starter. This is advantageous because the battery needed in an electrical starter would increase the weight and size of the generator, ruining its biggest advantage.

AC and DC Outputs

The Honda EU2200i has 2 AC ports and one DC port, each producing 120V. Each of these ports is connected to a circuit breaker inside the generator to cut off the power should there be a surge. This will ensure you don’t get an electric shock and your equipment is safe.

All the ports are well insulated save for the openings in which the plugs go in; thus, you are safe using the generator even without gloves.


This is a feature that reduces the fuel consumption of your generator's engine by cutting down the performance.

The eco throttle feature will be a good way to reduce the money you have to spend on fuel for your generator.

It will come in handy for something like camping where you don’t need a lot of power, but you want the generator to run for long. It could power the lights for up to 8 hours when the eco throttle is on.

Oil Alert and Shut Off

The Honda EU2200i generator helps you take care of its engine by warning you and shutting down when the oil levels drop.

There is a warning light on the control panel, and when the level is too low, the engine will automatically shut down.


  • Starting Watts: 2200W Max
  • Engine: 121cc GXR12O
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Tank Capacity: 0.95 gallons
  • Weight: 53.6 pounds
  • Starting System: Recoil
  • Running Amps: 18.3 amps
  • Noise Level: 62dB
  • Run time @ ½ load: 6 Hours
  • EPA Approved voltage: 120 V


The small fuel tank

This generator has a 0.95-gallon tank which can work for only 3 hours at full load. This will be a problem if you are using it in the house for an outage or in another project that needs all its power. You will have to turn it off every three hours to refill before using it again.


Q: How long will the EU2200i run on propane?

With propane, you will get an extended run time of up to 18 hours.

Q: Can two EU2200i generators be run in tandem?

Yes, you can connect two EU2200i generators to supply power in parallel even if they are not companions.

Q: What will a EU2200i run?

It can power practically all household appliances and some low power requirement power tools.

Q: How long is the warranty period for the EU2200i generator? 

The generator has a three-year warranty for both home and commercial uses.

Q: How do I turn the generator circuit breaker back on?

After the circuit breaks, you can reset it with the flip of a switch, and you will be back in business.

Final Verdict 

The Honda EU2200i is an amazing product that has a long list of incredible features. It has all iconic Honda features that are guaranteed to make your experience exceptional. The digital features make it even simpler to use and maintain.

The Honda EU2200i generator is a perfect fit for a user looking for a portable and easy-to-use generator for a wide range of uses.


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