Honda EM4000SX Generator Review: The Buying Guide


Honda EM4000SX Generators are the ideal emergency backups, and you can use them at home, in professional applications, and in leisure activities. Therefore the generator needs to be reasonably reliable; nobody needs a generator that fails when needed most.

Honda is a top-rated global company that specializes in several products. Their experience with gas motors is top-notch. The company makes some of the very best generators.

The Honda EM4000 SX is a portable model among their most reliable generators. The generator has an open frame and an excellent wattage rating.

This article will find all the essential information about the Honda EM4000SX generator.

Honda EM4000SX Generator Review

It’s a portable generator and features an open frame. It has a 4000 W starting wattage and running wattage of 35000W.


  • Starting Wattages: 4000 Watts
  • Running Wattages: 3500 Watts
  • Weight: 61 dBA
  • Weight: 204 lbs.
  • Engine: 270 cc


  • Power and Run Time

The engine capacity of the Honda EM4000SX engine is 270 cc and is four-stroke. It uses gasoline fuel which offers 120/240V. The generator gives 3500W running wattage, and its peak wattage is 4000W.

With the iAVR technology, the peak can reach up to 5000W. The noise lowest noise rating of the generator is 61 dBA, making it quiet.

It has several convenience features, such as starting it remotely and having a pull start mechanism. The other thing is that it has an exquisite and straightforward electric starter.

The fuel tank capacity of the generator is 6.2 gallons, which gives you 16 hours of maximum operation at a full tank with a 50% load.

  • Portability

The Honda generator has a fantastic design. It's conventional and has an open design frame and dimensions that increase support and raise it above ground level.

Therefore you can use the Honda EM4000SX generator for outdoor activities.  The device is quite heavy, it weighs 204 pounds, and you will need additional special equipment to transport it.

For easier portability, it features a folding handle and wheel kit that allows you to move it on the floor of flat ground swiftly.

  • Outlets

The generator has a control panel, which is a very significant feature. The control panel has six AC outlets.

Six outlets are enough and will allow you to connect your most essential devices during camping, in your home, etc.

  • IAVR Technology

It's one of the latest technologies in the generator industry. IAVR is the initial for Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation.

The technology helps the generator reduce 50% voltage fluctuations over the existing AVR systems.

The engine's rpm usually drops in conventional generators when you apply a load. It also affects the frequency and voltage since they drop until the rpm is normal.

The Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation combines both iGX and DAVR technology. The primary function is to offer fast and advanced engine rpm each time you apply a load.

Therefore this generator can precisely regulate its frequency and voltage. Plus, it can offer a starting wattage that's above the usual maximum rating for ten seconds.

  • Convenience

The generator has several features that will offer you convenience. The features include a built-in fuel gauge.

Using this feature, you can easily and quickly check your generator's fuel level.

The automatic low oil shut-off feature automatically shuts the device when the oil levels are below average. It has a built-in circuit breaker that offers overload protection.

Therefore you won’t have to worry about the generator and your home appliances. In addition, the packaging includes the owner's manual that has all the information on how to set up and start your generator.

  • Warranty

The generator's warranty is essential, especially during issues such as breakdown, etc. Good thing, the Honda EM4000SX comes with a warranty; it covers up to three years. However, the warrant does not cover all parts of the generator.


  • High runtime
  • Has iAVR technology
  • Noise rating of 61 dBA
  • Remote Start


  • Heavy
  • Low fuel efficiency

Who Should Buy the Honda EM4000SX Portable Generator?

The portable generator includes fantastic features and technologies that make it a great purchase.

The Honda generator is ideal for almost all different situations and different people. Here are some of the conditions or environments to use the generator.

  • In events, festivals, and outdoor activities.
  • Homeowners
  • RV travelers
  • Professionals – to power equipment and offer appropriate lighting
  • DIYers – to improve the efficiency of their tools

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Honda Generator

As mentioned, Honda is a top-rated company. People love it because of its reliable engines with high-quality components. The machine also has automatic power control.

All these fantastic features and specifications make the generator a good buy. The Honda generators are in various categories; it has generators for home use, recreational and industrial. Here are the differences between their models.

  • EM and EG models – are built for home use and can only for several hours
  • EU – their design makes them quiet
  • EU-I series – has been designed for recreation purposes and are easily portable
  • EB series – the generator has been designed for industrial functions and has GFCI outlets that protect against ground fault.

However, it doesn't mean that the series choice you make must be exact to its application. For example, the EU series will be ideal for the EM or EG series if you live in a gated community with noise ordinances.

It's because the design of the EU makes the quitter. So, here is more information on things you need to consider when buying a Honda generator for your home, business, and other activities.

  • Power Needs

In many homes, 3000 watts to 6500 watts is usually enough to power all the appliances fully. It is easy to know the right amount of power your devices need by using the load tester. The power that you should quote is for output.

For example, a microwave with a rating of 1000 watts will produce heat worth 1000 watts. However, it will need extra power due to other non-heat functionalities like the display and the turntable.

Devices with motors need more power to start than they need to start. If you have two devices, then they will produce massive spikes.

A ¼ HP furnace requires 1600 watts to start operating, and it will need a running wattage of 600 watts, while a 200 watts refrigerator requires 1600 watts to start.

If you have electricals with motor, assume they need wattages three times the power available to run the device.

In short, if you have a device that uses 200 watts, assume it will need the power of around 600 watts when you start it.

However, do not pressure buying a powerful generator that can supply power to all devices at their maximum draw. You can power on the appliances at a different time since it will help you reduce the maximum load.

  • Voltage

Typically, almost all home devices usually need approximately 120 volts. However, specific devices like the well-pump consume a lot of power and need about 240 volts.

All Honda generators are usually single-phase and thus cannot support multiphase devices such as welders.

  • Portability

The feature varies in the different generators. However, almost all the Honda generators have portable designs that make them easy to move.

Most Honda inverter generators have handles on their chassis, making them convenient. Generators weighing around 29 pounds are light and easy to carry.

Other Honda generators feature a protective role that performs two functions. The larger models have folding handles and wheels, which you can remove when you need them.

  • Startup

Before you buy a generator, you need to know how it starts. The smaller ones usually have pull cords; however, most come with electric push-button plus a battery.

For convenience, most generators with push-button usually include the pull-cord. It acts as a backup in case of any issues. The safety cut-out works when it detects low pressure, protecting the motor from damage.

  • Noise

The Honda Company tries its best to make generators that are so quiet. Some of their models are pretty quiet that you cannot hear them above the regular conversations.

However, the larger models are usually loud because of the load. The good thing is that the Honda Company publishes their decibel on the packages; you can easily confirm before confirming the purchase.

  • Run Time

The run time is essential and will considerably impact your purchase decision. The Honda brand has different generator models with varying capabilities.

The four-engine generators are pretty effective and efficient. The Honda inverter generators usually have a longer running time than traditional Honda generators.

The run time of the generator also depends on the fuel capacity. Generators with large engine capacities will run for longer hours.


The Honda EM4000SX weighs 204 lbs. It makes rates it among the heaviest generators with a wattage rating of 3000 watts to 4000 watts.

It's among the quietest generators with a noise rating of 61 dBA. Therefore you can use in place with noise restrictions.

The generator has a great run time and can perfectly serve you for up to 16 hours. The runtime is essential; however, it depends on the generator's fuel capacity.

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