Honda 2000 vs. Honda eu3000is Generator Comparison

Honda is a big company, and this means that you have the option to choose between their products, the Honda 2000 generator or the Honda eu3000is generator. These two generators are powerful, durable, and efficient, but which one is better?

When it comes to generators, Honda is easily one of the best manufacturers. They are highly focused on producing high-quality machinery for their customers, and they have filled the market with their products so let us see which one is the best;

Honda 2000 Generators vs. Honda eu3000is Generator

The most significant difference between the Honda 2000 and eu3000is is the size. The Honda 2000 is a relatively small generator with a handle at the top, and it is easy to carry around. 

The eu3000is on the other hand is a heavy-duty generator that was not meant to be carried around. Thus it is bigger and heavier. Any of the two will suit you depending on your needs; one emphasizes portability while the other is on power.

1. The Honda 2000 generator

The Honda 2000 generator


The Honda 2000 is a more advanced generator, and you can use the "My generator app" to monitor how well it is going.

Both generators have CO Minder, Honda's carbon monoxide checking system that ensures eco-friendliness and user safety.

If you are looking for a small, portable generator, you should go with the Honda 2000. It has a small tank and will work for about 8 hours; thus, it can be good for a remote construction site. The small size makes it portable and easy to work within delicate areas.

2. The Honda EU3000is

The Honda EU3000is


For users that need a bigger and more powerful option, the Honda eu3000is is the way to go. It has a larger engine, a bigger fuel tank, and supply power for approximately 20 hours on a full tank.

This is a choice for a residential or office building that needs power for a long time. It has some additional features that make it a good choice for most users.

It can operate for longer and has alternative ways of turning it on. This high power generator can cover for you in case of an outage, and you should get it as soon as you can

Differences between Honda 2000 and eu3000is Generators

Which Generator Should You Choose?

Generator Maintenance


Differences between Honda 2000 and eu3000is Generators

A generator is important both for home use or industrial use. It would help if you had a generator to keep the work going on even when there is a power outage or working in a remote area without electricity.

If you had to choose between the Honda 2000 and Honda eu3000is generators, you must know what sets them apart. The differences will give you a reference point from which you can discern which product is best for you, so let’s get into it;

  1. Power Comparison 

When looking at the power output, the eu3000is produces more than the Honda 2000. The Honda 2000 has a 121cc engine while the eu3000is has a 196cc engine which is significantly bigger. With this engine, the eu3000is can deliver 2800w.

The smaller 121cc engine allows the Honda 2000 to deliver 1800 W, which is a lot but less than the eu3000is.

This means that the eu3000is can deliver more power to more appliances; thus, it's a solid choice for a heavy project or a large building.

  1. Fuel Capacity and Operation Time

The eu3000is has a bigger fuel tank than the 2000, it will therefore have a larger fuel tank, and it will run for a longer time before needing a refill. It can run for 20 hours on a full tank since it has a consumption rate of 0.71 gallons per hour.

The Honda 2000, on the other hand, has a consumption rate of 0.12 gallons per hour, but it can only run for 8 hours on a full tank. While it is more fuel-efficient, it has a smaller tank; it gets used up faster.

This makes the eu3000is a good choice for commercial use since it will work longer without a refill. You can use the Honda 2000 on smaller projects that take a few hours to save on fuel costs.

  1. Efficiency and Noise Production

As mentioned, if you are looking to save fuel money, you should go with the Honda 2000 generator. It is more efficient in its fuel consumption, and you should use less money on diesel.

Both the generators have total harmonic distortion below 3%, making them safe to use on your electronics, especially sensitive ones like PCs. High THDs could lead to catastrophic damage to equipment and fires.

A big problem with using generators is the noise they emit, of the two; the Honda eu3000is generator is the loudest. At 48dBA, the 2000 will be better for your ears compared to the 50dBA eu3000is.

  1. Portability and Size

The Honda 2000 generator is 20 inches by 11.4 inches by 16.7 inches in dimension, while the eu3000is is 25.9 inches by 17.6 inches by 22 inches. This means that the Honda 2000 is much more compact than the eu3000is.

This size relates to the weight; the 2000 weighs 47.4 pounds while the eu3000 triple it at 130.7 pounds.

This means that the Honda 2000 would be much easier to carry because it is lighter. Because of its additional weight, the Honda eu3000is has two handles for easier manipulation.

  1. Ease of Use and Features

Both the Honda 2000 generator and Honda eu3000is have a standard pull start mechanism that works outstandingly well.

Apart from the pull-start, the eu3000is has an electric starter which is convenient and easier to work than the pull-start mechanism.

The eu3000is has 3 AC outlets to draw power from it while the 2000 has only 2. This gives the eu3000is an advantage since it can feed more electronics at the same time. Each of these ports provides 120V to help with your power requirements.

The Honda 2000 is better for fuel management; it has a data center and fuel gauge, monitoring the power production and fuel consumption, respectively. The eu3000is has none of these features and only gives direct visibility of the fuel.

Which Generator Should You Choose? 

This choice is not so straightforward since it is situational; the best generator will depend on your needs.

Both the Honda 2000 generator and the Honda eu3000is are high-end generators that offer superior performance.

Generator Maintenance

Your generator ought to last long without many repairs. Honda creates high-quality products, so they should be okay if you use them correctly and maintain them accordingly. Here are some maintenance tips that could help you;

  • When performing any repairs or maintenance, make sure you use genuine Honda parts on your generator. This ensures that the parts are high quality and remain durable rather than risking poor-quality parts that might damage the generator.
  • Use a wet cloth to wipe down the generator after use; make sure the generator is cool before wiping it down.  Do not pour water on your generator or leave it in a wet environment since it will damage the electrical components in the generator.
  • Regularly drain the oil and refill it to keep the hydraulics at their best at all times. Drain the oil while it is warm, not hot; this means you should let it cool for a few minutes before draining. Put a new sealing washer on the drain plug before putting it back.
  • Remove the air filters and wash them with household detergent and warm water. This is especially important if you use the generator in a dusty environment. Soak the filter in oil, then press out any excess oil using a rag to prevent the engine from smoking.
  • Make sure you regularly clean the generator and check for any damage or worn-out areas so you can replace them before they cause any damage. The spark plug is vital in a generator, so you have to check it and make a replacement if it is damaged or worn out.
  • Look at the owner's manual to get the details on maintenance requirements for your generator. This information will help you keep your generator as good as new; better maintenance assures you better performance for a longer time.


On the Honda 2000 generator vs. Honda eu3000is, it comes down to the user’s requirements. For a small, fuel-efficient generator, you should use the Honda 2000 then use the eu300is for a larger, more powerful task that requires more time.

Honda emphasizes producing high-quality products for their customers, so it is up to you to determine how long the product will last. Make sure you keep all the parts clean and well taken care of.

Regular maintenance and checkups will go a long way in ensuring your generator lasts long. It will also keep all aspects of the generator efficient, including power output and fuel consumption. No matter how you look at it, maintenance is vital.

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