Generac GP17500E Generator Review: The Buying Guide


The Generac GP17500E is a top-rated generator, and it's the largest yet portable of all the Generac models. The generator is among the most potent gas generators and offers continuous power of 17,500 watts.

The generator will efficiently offer backup power to your entire household and small businesses during outages. It has all the fantastic features and specifications of the high-end generators in the market.

The Generac brand is quite famous for its high feature and quality generators. The Briggs and Stratton Company is the owner of the Generac brand.

The article highlights all the specifications and features of the Generac GP17500E generator. It will help you make an informed decision when making the purchase.

Generac GP17500E Generator Review

The Generac GP17500E is a gas-powered generator and weighs 390 pounds. Therefore is among the lighter generators with running wattages of between 14000 and 20000 watts. Here is more information about the generator.


  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Item weight: 390 Pounds
  • Wattage: 17500 Watts
  • Tank Capacity: 16 Gallons
  • Fuel: Gasoline


  • Power Output and Engine Displacement

The generator engine uses gasoline. The engine capacity is 992 cc, and this makes it heavy duty. The engine features the X Torq governor that increases its performance, and it also has an electric start with a battery. The machine uses full pressure lubrication and runs at 3600 RPM.

Most generators use splash lubrication. The generator has a low oil shutdown that usually delays startup until the oil pressure entirely builds.

The gas you use on the generator should have no ethanol or only 10% ethanol. The company strictly cautions against using methanol.

And while using ethanol, you need to carry out frequent inspections to ensure no leaks. The significant part of this model is its starting wattage of 26,250 and running wattage of 17,500. The electricity is quite enough to power average-sized homes effectively. Its running wattage is more than what most standby generators offer.

It allows you to simultaneously run several power greedy appliances like clothes dryers, blowers, and water heaters. The generator can power your business, outdoor events, and even the construction site without issues.

The engine has an automatic idle control feature that makes the generator run at a lower idle speed when low power demands. It helps you save fuel, plus it reduces noise.

  • Runtime and Fuel Type

As mentioned, this powerful generator uses unleaded gasoline. It can hold a lot of gas in its 16-gallon tank. You will get a great running time of approximately 10 hours when you run it at 50% load capacity.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of the generator are 48.5L x 31W x 39.5H. It weighs 390 lbs. and this makes it large. Despite the size, the generator is portable and has several features that make it easily portable.

It has non-foldable handles and an integrated lifting eye that makes it portable.

Noise Level

You need to know that all generators offering more than 17,000 running wattages are noisy. The Generac GP17500E has a low-tone muffler that keeps the noise comfortable.

However, you can fix the noise issue by buying an aftermarket add-on muffler. There are several great aftermarket mufflers, such as Walker and Flow SS, and they will surely make a difference.

Alternatively, you can also build a small shed around the generator. The manufacturers did not publish any sound data about this model.

Control Panel

The Generac GP17500E control panel has a circuit breaker and several outlets to connect your electrical appliances. The circuit breaker is on the left side of the control panel.

The hour meter and idle control switch also enable the engine to idle when there's no load. Therefore, the engine runs at average speed if there is a load, saving fuel. The amp locking receptacles are also on the control panel.


The Generac GP 17500E has an electric start that allows you to start it quickly. However, before starting the generator, you should check its oil and fuel level. There are several steps you need to take to start the generator.

  • Ensure the generator has no loads connected to it
  • The generator should be on a level or flat surface
  • Ensure the fuel valve is off
  • You need to move the choke knob to the full choke side
  • Press, and then hold the stop/run/start button in the start position until the engine starts operations.

Warranty and Repairs

The warranty is integral to any electrical device or equipment you buy. The Generac GP 17500E generator comes with a two-year warranty.

The Generac warranty covers all the generator parts and the labor used to replace them. The warranty will cover both the alternator and the engine and is only applicable to the original buyer.

The consumer will cater for all the transportation costs. However, if you are a commercial user, the warranty is only available one year after purchase.


  • Electric start
  • Powerful at 17,500 watts
  • Low oil pressure automatic shutdown
  • High performance
  • Idle control


  • It consumes a lot of fuel
  • Heavy

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Who Should Use the Generac GP17500E Generator? 

The generator is the largest in its class and is gas-powered. It has a running wattage of up to 17,500 watts and a starting wattage of 26,250 watts.

Its massive output makes it an ideal backup power source for small and larger houses during outages. The generator will efficiently and effectively power the entire home and keep you so comfortable.

The generator is portable, and thus, you can move it around quickly, and it can power several tools in job sites. You can also use it in your wood cabin that's in the woods for your electrical needs.

How to Care and Maintain This Generator

You need to do proper maintenance on the generator. It will make it run better and have a longer life. Ensure the generator is free from dust, oil, moisture, and dirt.

Several maintenance schedules are ideal for the generator. Here are more details about how to care for your generator.

  • Always check the engine oil after and before every use
  • After the first thirty hours, you need to change the engine oil
  • After every 100 hours, check the valve clearances and change the engine oil
  • You should replace the service air plug and spark plug after every 200 hours


The generator seems to be high-priced, but the price is suitable for a generator with a wattage rating of 17500 watts.

How to Select the Best Generac Generator

Generac is a trendy and trusted brand in the generator world. The company makes different generator types, and it is your role to identify one that perfectly fits your needs. Here is the guide on how to choose the best generator.

  • Power

Power should be the first thing you need to consider when choosing a Generac generator. The generators do specify the power amount they can provide.

However, you should make a list of all the devices you intend to connect to the generator and calculate their total watts. Alternatively, you can use the watt calculator.

If you intend to use the generator for camping trips, you will only carry a few devices. You can use a generator with 1500 watts to 3000 watts in such situations.

However, if you need a generator that can power your whole house, you should choose one with a power rating of up to 10kW.

  • Type

The Generac generators come in three main types: home standby, inverter, and portable. Therefore you need to identify how you'll use the generator.

The portable generators are ideal for tailgating and trips. As the name suggests, portable generators are easy to move around and do not produce too much noise like other generator types.

The home standby generators are an ideal power backup source for your home, including aluminum enclosures. The home standby cannot move around.

  • Features

There are certain standard features in generators. Therefore you need to look at some extra features that a device packs. It may include LCD and a user-friendly interface to operate the generator efficiently.

It will also help you keep up with its power use and know when to maintain it. Always consider easily movable models and compact; this will make storage easier.

A model that features True Power Technology is great since you can connect it to sensitive appliances. The maintenance process will be more straightforward when selecting home standby generators and choosing models with the remote link monitoring system.


Generators are pretty crucial in the modern economy and have various purposes. However, their primary role is to serve as a standby power source in a power outage or emergency.

When buying a generator, you should consider all the aspects before confirming the purchase. The portable Generac GP17500E generator is quite powerful and heavy.

It's not an excellent choice for those who move often. However, the generator features a handle and large pneumatic wheels that facilitate its movement.

When it comes to power output, it's a great choice and rivals even some of the popular standby generators. It will supply power to your home and even your small business.

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