Generac 5500 Generator: A Complete Review


The Generac 5500 is the flagship model in the Generac portable generator line-up. It boasts several features that make it one of the most versatile generators on the market, including wheels and a fold-down handle.

It is a portable generator that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Generac's 5500- watt portable generator is a workhorse. It's a fuel-efficient, clean noise generator that can power up your home appliances in case of any emergency. This review will discuss everything you need to know about this generator.

Why You Should Buy The Generac 5500 Generator

  1. Fold-down handles; The folding-handle feature is one of the most important reasons you choose the Generac 5500 generator over other brands. You'll be able to quickly move your portable generator into storage or even transport it across town to where you need it most.
  2. It is a fantastic value for money; the Generac 5500 portable generator is fantastic. It can power most necessary goods such as refrigerators, stoves, and lights with an operating capacity of 5500 watts.
  3. Reliable High-surge Power: This generator is a workhorse that can power several gadgets simultaneously.
  4. It comes with a wheel kit that allows for easy portability; it has wheels attached to it to move about quickly, making it easier to shift from one spot to another.
  5. Never-flat tires; It boasts never-flat tires, so you'll never have to worry about a flat tire.

Who Should Buy The Generac 5500 Generator

  • Construction sites and Builders
  • Home backup in case of an emergency

What’s In The Box

  • Oil (Engine)
  • Wheel kit& Handle
  • 1x Owner’s manual
  • Oil Funnel
  • Generac 5500 Generator


Low-Tone Muffler

There is one outstanding feature of it, which you must notice; the Low-tone muffler. The muffler is located under the generator to reduce sound and improve engine performance.

Usually, the generator will be noisy when running. The low-tone muffler makes sure that you won’t be disturbed by noise when using it and allows it to work in areas with noise ordinances.

The low-tone muffler on Generac generators significantly reduces the decibel level produced by the generator. The decibel level from competing brands' generators is more than 75 dBA; Generac's products produce only 71 dB at 23 feet from the source.

Hour Meter

Generac 5500 has an hour meter with maintenance alerts. The hour meter counts up the hours of operation. It also indicates when maintenance is required.

This is a beneficial feature for people who are unaware of their generator's running hours or have no idea how much time the generator has been running. This is particularly important because generators need servicing at regular intervals.

 Low-Oil Level Shutdown

Generac 5500 generator has an advanced oil level shutdown system that automatically shuts down the engine when the oil supply is low, preventing the unit's damage.

Whenever the oil level reaches its lowest point, the generator will automatically shut off to prevent any damage to the engine. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your generator will not cause any harm to itself or your property.

The system relies on a pressure switch that activates an indicator light and a siren when low oil supply.

The pressure switch also activates an audible alarm if it experiences power loss or disconnects its wiring. This prevents the engine from starting until repairs are made.

 Covered, Circuit Breaker Outlets

The outlets on the generator are inside a steel-reinforced, weatherproof cabinet. This helps protect them from the elements, insects, and other pests, which would otherwise make short work of them.

The outlet covers are weatherproof, and you don't have to remove them in rain or snow. In addition, the generator has circuit breaker outlets that automatically shut off if there is a problem with overload and short circuit protection.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

It has an automatic voltage regulator that can control the generator's output voltage per the voltage requirement of the appliance connected to it. It adjusts it to provide smooth, consistent power, even on volatile power grids.

The automatic voltage regulator of Generac 5500 is used to stabilize the generator's output voltage when it is connected to different loads with different voltages.

This is done by feeding back a tiny portion of the generator's output, rectifying it, adjusting its voltage to match the desired output, and returning it to the primary circuit.

Fuel Shutoff

The generator has a fuel shutoff switch, which helps prevent the machine from overheating.

A safe generator must have a Fuel Shutoff feature to prevent overheating. This feature allows the user to turn off the flow of gas through the engine without stopping the engine completely.

This safety feature will let you turn off the gas flow if you hear any strange noises coming from your machine.

Powerful Generac OHV Engine

The OHV engine offers you high performance with less fuel consumption.

The Generac 5500 features a 389cc OHV engine that produces 5,500 watts of continuous power with a peak of 6,875 watts. Its power comes from its 7.2-gallon fuel tank capacity that allows users to run their appliances for up to 10 hours.

Generac OHV engines contain the power and performance you need to handle the most challenging jobs. From powering through the thickest debris to providing a solid and steady stream of water, Generac OHV engines offer long-lasting durability and dependability.

Large Steel Fuel Tank

The large steel fuel tank of Generac 5500 is made up of high-quality steel, which makes it more durable and is rust-resistant, so there is no chance of rusting in this unit. A large steel fuel tank stores the fuel for emergency use.

The steel can withstand impacts from all directions and protect against punctures that cause leaks and spills. A special coating inside the tank prevents rust from developing on the inside.

The tank should always be full of fuel when not in use to prevent rust from damaging your generator.

Hardened Steel-Tube Cradle

It's housed in a heavy-duty steel frame with reinforced handles for easy transport. The cradle also helps protect the generator from damage from travel over rough terrain, making it ideal for large installations or generators you will transport frequently.

Never-Flat Wheels

One of the biggest problems small generators have is that they are hard to move, which can cause issues if you need to take them from one place to another. Generac 5500 has never-flat wheels that allow for easy portability.

The wheels can handle almost any terrain you put them on. They won't fall off or get stuck, no matter how uneven the surface is. It is easy to transport this generator around your property and even around the block.

Fold-Down Handle

The fold-down handle also makes it easy to carry around. This particular model has to fold down, locking handles on each end, making it easier to move the generator around.

The lockdown feature lets you transport this generator while still attached to the base. You can use the base itself to store accessories and fuel.


Peak Wattage: 6875W

Running Wattage:5500W

Voltage: 120V/240VAC

Rated Amps @120/240v: 45.8A/22.9A

Max rated VAC Amps: 57.3A/28.6A


Engine Size:389cc OHV

Engine Speed:3600RPM

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Oil: 10W-30/SAE 30

Oil Capacity: 1.06Litres

Oil Lubrication Type: Splash

Tank Capacity: 7.2 Gallons

Runtime @1/2 load: 10 hours

Start Type: Recoil Pull start

Start Switch Type: On/Off Switch

Noise Level:76dBA(idle),89dBA (full throttle)

Dimension: 27.25x27x25 inches (L, W, H)

Weight: 170.9 lbs.

Color: Orange/Black

CARB/CSA Compliance: None


2x120V, 20A 5-20R GFCI Duplex

2X120V,20A GFCI 5-20R Duplex

2x 25A 1P Circuit Breakers

1X25A 2P Circuit Breakers


Basic Control Panel

The control panel has no way of showing the fuel levels or oil levels, making it difficult to monitor.

Lack Of A DC Outlet

The Generac 5500 lacks a DC outlet cable to connect it to a battery.

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Q: What are the output amps on the 240V?

A: The rated VAC amperage is 22.9A

Q: What fuel type does the Generac 5500 use?

A: The generator only uses unleaded gasoline. You cannot use E85, gas oil mix, and neither can you modify the engine to run on alternate fuels.

Q: What kind of warranty does it have?

A: There is a one-year warranty for limited parts and labor and a two-year warranty for limited parts only

Q: What are the Generac 5500’s gas tank size and capacity?

A: The fuel capacity is at 7.2gallons.

Q: Is there a propane converter kit for this generator?

A: No, there isn’t.

Q: Does the Generac 5500 have an electric start?

A: No, this generator has a manual pull start.

Final Verdict

The Generac 5500 generator is an excellent portable generator for construction sites. The convenience of its wheel kit, quiet operation, and high wattage output make the Generac 5500 preferred for most builders.

Professionals agree that if you need a portable generator on a construction site, the Generac 5500 will meet your needs. We hope this review has been helpful.

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