Ford Generator 11050: The Hybrid Generator Review


The Ford generator 11050 is powerful and affordable. The generator has a good look with its hints of chrome details. However, looks are not necessary when it comes to generators.

The generator has a fantastic build quality, features, and performance. As the name suggests, Ford manufactures this generator model in partnership with Pulsar.

The companies make high-quality generators and offer them at an affordable price. The Ford generator 11050 has an excellent power rating that beats most generators in its class.

Therefore you will indeed have extra power for your home and business appliances. Here are more details on the ford generator that will help you make a great buying decision.

Ford Generator 11050

The Ford brand is quite famous for its cars; however, it also produces excellent generator sets. The company has made several electric pieces of equipment such as consumer, commercial and industrial generators.

The good thing is that Ford Company builds the generators with the same standards it uses to produce its cars.

It has made it garner much respect. The Ford generator 11050 is a powerful model with an open-frame design and is dual.


  • Fuel Type: Liquefied petrol gas, Gasoline
  • Voltage: 120,240 Volts
  • Engine Type: Four Stroke
  • Item Weight: 211 lbs.
  • Engine Displacement: 457 cc
  • Tank Volume: 6.6 Gallons


  • Power Output and Runtime

The Ford generator 11050 is a dual fuel generator and is a good power option during outages. The generator has a starting wattage rating of 11050W and a running wattage rating of 9000 watts.

The starting wattage of 11050 watts is enough to power several appliances in your home, such as lights and other power-hungry devices such as air conditioners, etc.

The generator has a dual fuel option, and this gives you options. You can use either power it with gasoline or propane, but this depends on fuel availability.

It has a tank capacity of 6.6 gallons, which is fine and offers a run time of ten hours at 50% gasoline load. You will get eight hours of runtime under the same conditions as propane.

The propane fuel offers a shorter runtime but produces cleaner fumes than gasoline.

  • Noise Level

The generator is more silent than most generators at its level. It’s the sound insulation that makes it silent.

Typically the generator has a noise level of 78 dBA, but installing a muffler will reduce the noise level to 74 dBA. The Ford generator 11050 is certified for America by the EPA and CSA. In addition, you should know that the generator is loud because of its large size, plus the noise is standard in open-frame generators.

It also has a larger engine that offers more wattages, and this noise level is reasonable on engines this size.

  • Control Panel

Today the control panel is a standard and handy feature in generators. The Ford generator 11050 has six power outlets.

They are enough to connect several appliances in your home or business. It has the main circuit breaker and an individual circuit breaker on every AC outlet, guaranteeing your generator and device's safety.

The power outlets feature rubber caps that offer additional protection. The control panel also has an hour meter that tracks the operation hours.

It has a fuel gauge that automatically detects the fuel levels; therefore, you won't have to worry about running out of fuel.

The control panel lacks USB ports, but the power outlets are still enough to power multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Portability and Weight

The generator has a larger-than-average engine, and this automatically makes it heavy. The generator weighs 211 lbs., which is quite heavy.

You should note that all open frame generators are heavier than inverter generators. The generator has durable solid rubber wheels; however, they strain to move the heavy machine.

The collapsible handles are strong with very comfortable grips, and they help move the generator.

  • Easy To Use

The Ford generator 11050 is super easy to use. The generator has an electric start and recoil starter that works as a backup in case of any issues.

If your electric start fails because the battery is flat, you can use the recoil starter. However, it's advisable not to abandon your generator until only when needed.

You should always run the generator monthly for around 10 minutes. It warms the oil and allows it to move to different engine parts, plus keeps the electric start battery charged.

The monthly practice is also applicable to generators that only have the recoil starter.

  • Convenience

The generator features low oil shutoff, and therefore you can leave your generator unattended for hours. However, check the generator's oil level before starting it and let the oil shut off to do the remaining functions.

  • Warranty

The Ford generator 11050 comes with a warranty of two years. The bad thing is the warranty is limited and thus won't cover all the generator parts.

If you want more information about the generator warranty, you can visit their official website or contact customer care. Alternatively, you can talk to your seller.


  • Electric start
  • Dual fuel
  • Affordable
  • Go technology and switch
  • Fuel efficient


  • Relatively low run time
  • Lacks remote start

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How Hybrid or Dual Generators Work

The Ford generator is a hybrid generator. A hybrid generator is simply a generator with dual-fuel capability.

The generator runs on both propane and gasoline.

The reason behind hybrid generators is to protect the environment. Today, people are pretty conscious of the impact of combustion engines on the environment.

The engines do play a significant role in increasing greenhouse gas levels. Burning engines mainly produce carbon and carbon monoxide, which aren't environmentally friendly.

Propane offers little power, but it provides clean gas, making it an ideal choice for environmentalists. However, there are more advantages to using propane in practice.

The dual-fuel capability makes the Ford generator 11050 versatile since it can use gasoline and propane. You have the freedom to switch to the available fuel type.

  • Propane vs. Gasoline

Propane fuel price usually varies; they can be cheaper in some areas than in others.

However, saving on fuel prices is not a big deal; propane reduces your maintenance costs. It’s because it’s clean, and thus there's less carbon build-up in the generator's carburetor, exhaust system, and spark plug.

The most remarkable advantage of propane is its safety aspects and storage—propane is the popular Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).

They compress the gas to a liquid state, which makes it safe. The propane is usually compact when you store it in a propane cylinder.

For example, using a 20 LBS propane tank will take less space than a five-gallon gas can. The 20 LBS propane gas will offer your 20-30% more running time than the five-gallon gas time.

It's because the compression of propane allows you to have more fuel in smaller volumes.

However, you should note that propane is less efficient. Propane of 10% less power than gas, meaning the power output of the generator when running on propane is 10% less.

But for the Ford generator 11050, the difference between propane and gasoline's running and starting watts is not much. To be specific, the difference is only 5%, which won't affect the usage of the generator.

The other good thing about propane is that their tanks are usually totally sealed, and thus transporting and storing the gas is safer.

The gas tanks need ventilation, and it allows fume movements because gas contracts and expands. That's the reason why gases produce a noxious smell.

The fumes are toxic and are also flammable. Therefore the gas cans are not entirely safe. There’s also a possibility of gas spillage during transportation.

With propane, you won't have to worry about such issues. The LPG only comes out of the propane tank when you pipe it to the generator.

The gas and the cylinder should be in perfect working conditions too. If you properly connect them, you won't worry about leaks.

Why Choose a Ford Generator

People compare performance to the brand. Most believe that the most popular brand produces high-quality and robust generators.

The Ford brand is highly reputable, its generators are high quality, and its features are user-friendly. The generator is a considerable investment, and a Ford generator will surely cater to your needs.

  • Price

The Ford brand usually launches impressive generators with innovative features at affordable prices. Other than the reasonable price, the ford generator delivers what the customers want.

You can also return it within 90 days in case of a malfunction. Overall, all Ford generator models won’t break your bank.

  • Power

The Ford Company focuses on making high-output generators. Therefore Ford generators can efficiently run multiple appliances, including a small tool for power-hungry devices.

It makes their generators ideal for powering whole-house appliances and electric construction tools. Plus, most ford generators are hybrid, and this offers versatility.


Overall, if you need a generator that offers a lot of power, the Ford generator 11050 is ideal.

The generator produces clean power with no voltage fluctuations, even though it’s not an inverter.

The wattage rating of 11050 watts is enough to power your home appliances and devices. Plus, it's pretty affordable, considering its power and size.

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