FIRMAN W03082 Extended Run Time Inverter Generator Review


A generator allows you to continue using your appliances when there is an energy shortage or when utilities are under maintenance. The best choice for such generators is the Firman W03082 Inverter Generator which provides reliable and continuous power in any situation.

A perfect generator for emergencies, it has the power of a gasoline-powered generator but requires no maintenance.

This generator is an excellent choice for those who want to take power back up into their own hands. It is a perfect generator for running sensitive electronics when camping or tailgating. If you want to know more about this product, keep reading this Firman W03082 review.

Why You Should Buy The Firman W03082 Inverter Generator

  1. RV Ready

The Firman W03082 has RV-Ready features, such as the 120volt 30A(TT-30R) receptacle for charging your appliances and electronics.

  1. Electric Start

The unit is also easy to start since it has an electric start to get up and run in seconds.

  1. Portable

The unit is also portable, weighing in at only 109 pounds, and the built-in wheels make transporting even more effortless. It's also straightforward to use and maintain because of its simple design. The foldable handle eases storage and transport.

  1. Parallel Capable

This model has a parallel capability that allows the unit's connection to other compatible units for increased total output.

  1. Quiet

The Whisper Muffler featured in the unit will reduce your generator’s noise level by up to 50%! It is also quieter than traditional generators and releases no emissions.

  1. Fuel-Efficient

The auto-idle control conserves fuel when the engine is running at low RPMs.

Who Should Buy The Firman W03082 Inverter Generator

The Firman W03082 is a very versatile generator that can be used for anything from backup power to recreational purposes, including:

  • RV travelers
  • Outdoor enthusiasts for festivities and concerts
  • Campers and tailgating enthusiasts
  • Homeowners for backup electricity


Whisper Muffler Technology

The Whisper Muffler is a feature incorporated into the generator by Firman to reduce noise levels. It does this by softening the sound of the engine and damping vibrations.

The whisper muffler series of products effectively solves the noise pollution problem. The mufflers are also very effective in lowering emissions. They are proven to be effective in reducing noise emission levels.

The Whisper Muffler Series is an excellent example of how a product performs to the utmost capability; in this case, it produces 50% less noise than the previous model.

It features a dual-blade rotor for improved airflow and a low-profile muffler for reduced sound emissions.

Idle Control Switch

The idle control switch feature of the Firman W03082 inverter generator is the best in the market. You can run the generator at lower speeds to help conserve fuel and reduce sound.

The idle control switch enables the consumer to operate the generator at low levels without utilizing an electric start.

Splash Lubrication Unit

If Firman makes your generator, the Splash Lubrication Unit is a must-have accessory for your unit. The splash lubrication system allows you to access the engine quickly. This feature is excellent when it comes time to do routine maintenance on the generator.

The Splash Lubrication Unit is an environmentally friendly way to keep your generator running smoothly. It lubricates the engine’s moving parts with a splash of synthetic oil every time the oil dipstick reaches its low point.

This unit will ensure that you get the most out of your investment. It will also extend the life of your generator and make it more reliable to use.

Volt Lock Automatic Voltage Regulator

The Volt Lock Automatic Voltage Regulator feature of the Firman W03082 Inverter Generator allows the unit to be used both in the USA and in countries that operate on 220-240VAC.

The feature ensures that when you are using this generator abroad, it automatically adjusts power output to match the voltage of your area. The Volt Lock feature automatically adjusts your voltage regulator to the proper setting when connecting the generator to your home AC system.

This eliminates the need to set the voltage regulator each time you connect the generator. You can turn this feature on or off by using the remote-control panel.

Spark Arrester

Firman W03082 Inverter Generator comes with a spark arrester. A spark arrester is a crucial safety feature installed on gasoline-powered portable generators to prevent the ignition of a potentially dangerous electrical arc.

A spark arrester is a vital feature to consider when buying your next generator because it will protect your home from the threat of fire. Spark arrestors prevent electrical sparks from exiting your generator and entering the air around you.

Low Oil Shutdown

When the oil starts to run low on a Firman W03082 Inverter Generator, it will automatically shut down and display low oil.

This shutdown feature is an important safety feature for the generator. With this feature, you can avoid a potentially dangerous situation. You may not know that your generator is about to run out of oil until it suddenly stops running.

This may cause you to think that the generator has broken down. This could lead to a dangerous situation if you use your generator during an emergency. However, if your generator has this shutdown feature, you will know when to replace the oil.

Fuel Economy Mode

Do you know that the Fuel Economy Mode feature of the Firman W03082 Inverter Generator will help you save your fuel up to 30 percent?

Fuel economy mode is a new feature from Firman W03082 Inverter, which helps you lower your fuel consumption by 30%. It doesn't only improve your generator's performance but also prolongs its lifespan.

The fuel economy mode provides consistent power output while prolonging engine life and fuel efficiency. It achieves this by reducing engine load under low load conditions, such as using light tools or appliances in your garage.

When you turn the generator on, the controller automatically surveys the current demand and starts the engine with less than the maximum load. The load drops to a pre-set level every time the generator senses no need for power.

This keeps the engine running at a lower speed and prevents overheating. After a set period, the controller will gradually increase the speed.

Running an inverter generator in economy mode will cause the engine to run at a lower RPM and increase fuel economy. This mode also reduces voltage output, so you should use power tools.

The W03082 runs at 3300 Watts in economy mode, 3000 Watts in normal mode, and 2800 Watts in high-performance mode.

Parallel Capable

The parallel capable feature of the Firman W03082 Inverter Generator that enables you to connect multiple units' power can be considered a significant advantage over other inverter generators in the market.

Sometimes you need more power than just one generator can offer. This is where parallel-capable generators come in handy.

A generator that is parallel capable has a built-in transfer switch that allows you to wire it directly into your home’s main electrical box. This means that you only need one plug to connect the whole generator to your home.

Electric Start

The built-in battery power can start the generator in five seconds with the electric start feature. After the generator starts, the engine alternator, which is 100% automatic, charges it.

What’s In The Box

  • FIRMAN W03082 generator
  • Oil
  • Funnel
  • Battery
  • Battery charger and cables
  • Tool kit
  • Owner’s manual
  • Spark plug wrench

Product Specifications


Starting Watts:3300W

Running Watts:3000W

Voltage:120V 60Hz

Running Amps:25A

Peak Amps:27.5A

Engine Size:171cc OHV 4-Stroke Engine

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Tank Capacity:1.8 Gallons

Runtime:9 hours @ ¼ load

Start Type: Recoil, electric

Noise Level:58dBA

Dimension:23.2x17.8x17.9 inches


THD: less than 3%

Warranty: 3 years

Color: Black


1x duplex 120volt 20A(5-20R)

1x 120volt 30A(TT-30R) receptacle

1x 12volt 8A receptacle

1x 5volt USB Port


Has no fuel gauge

The biggest drawback of the Firman W03082 is the lack of a fuel gauge on the device. This makes it challenging to monitor how much fuel is in the tank, which could lead to excessive running time and possible damage to the generator when there is no fuel left.

Bestseller (lists)

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Q: Is this generator a pull start or an electric start?

A: The Firman W03082 has an electric start with a push button.

Q: Is this a dual fuel generator?

A: No, this generator only runs on gasoline.

Q: What is the noise level?

A: The decibels in this generator are 58dba

Q: Does the generator have a remote start?

A: The generator only features a push start button and no remote start

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: It has a 3-year warranty

Final Verdict

The Firman W03082 is an excellent option for anyone looking to find the most value out of their generator. It has an impressive set of features, including an extended run time, that make it the ideal choice for powering up tiny homes during power outages.

It's no surprise that many people are looking for more ways to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about losing power. If you are in the market for a generator, we highly recommend looking at this model as it will make sure that your camping trip goes as planned.

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