Firman H08051 Generator Review: The Ultimate Review


You are certainly looking for a sturdy generator for commercial and residential use. One of the most popular generator brands is the Firman, and the Firman H08051 is one of their models.

The brand is famous for its powerful generators that offer enough stable power for your needs in modern settings. The Firman brand has operations worldwide, and it's officially registered in 92 countries.

The Firman H08051 is one of the popular Firman models; the generator is a portable, open frame and dual fuel. It has an excellent wattage rating of 8000W, and its starting wattage is 10000 W.

In this article, you'll find more information about the Firman Generator, including specifications and features.

  1. Firman H08051 Generator Review

The Firman H08051 is a fantastic generator with a wattage of 8000 watts. The wattage rating is relatively high than in most ordinary or average generators in the market.

The generator has unique features that make it to be highly in demand. It’s known for its outstanding performance in powering homes and businesses.


  • Fuel: Gasoline, Propane
  • Starting system: Electric, Recoil
  • Engine: 439 cc
  • Running Wattages: Gasoline (8000W), Propane (7250W)
  • Starting Wattages: Gasoline (10000W), Propane (9050W)


  • Overload Protection

The generator features a built-in circuit breaker that protects it from overload damage. Overload will occur when you connect a lot of appliances to the generator.

With overload protection, both the generator and appliances remain safe.

  • Power and Run Time

The generator offer versatility and incredible power with its 120/240V output. As mentioned, it's dual-fuel and can run on either gasoline or propane.

It will give you 8000W running wattage and 10000W starting wattage if gasoline-powered. With propane, you'll get 7250W running wattage and 9050 starting wattage.

The generator has a good noise rating of 74 dBA. It has a simple electric starter with a battery, and you can also start it using the pull-start mechanism.

The generator's fuel capacity is 8 gallons; at 50% gasoline load, the generator will run for about 12 hours. With propane, it will operate for approximately 5 hours.

  • Portability

The generator has an open frame and conventional design and has excellent dimensions that raise it above ground level. You can therefore use it for outdoor activities.

Technically the generator is portable; however, moving it without special equipment can be challenging because of its weight of 212 pounds. It also has a folding handle and wheel kit that makes it easily movable from one place to another.

  • Outlets

The generator's control panel has five AC outlets. However, the generator does not have the RV ready. It features the transfer switch-ready that you can connect to your household breaker box during a power outage.

  • Warranty

The warranty is an essential part of the product. The warranty will cover you in case of any technical issues or impairments. The manufacturers use warranty to give customers a great experience.

The Firman warranty is up to 3 years, but it may be limited and not cover all generator parts. If you want more information about the Firman generator, you can visit their official website or contact their customer support team.

  • Built-in Fuel Gauge and Control Panel

The Firman H08051 has a built-in fuel gauge which offers convenience. You can easily and quickly check the gas level or the generator.

It also features a control panel that shows the generator's current time stats and internal functions. It displays various things such as runtime, fuel consumption, battery life, fuel gauge, and other operational settings.


  • High runtime
  • Electrical start
  • Easy fuel transfer
  • Durable


  • Heavy

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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Generator

Now that you are reading this article, you’ve probably decided to buy the Firman H0805. Or maybe you are considering buying it.

This section will find all the crucial information you need when selecting a generator. The generators are a reliable source of power during outages.

It makes your home more comfortable, and your business will be able to keep its profits. Here are the things you need to consider when buying a generator.

  • Power Wattage

It's the most crucial factor of all. Before making the generator purchase, you need to calculate the total wattages of all the devices you want to connect to the generator.

You also need to check the device's surge power rating. Buy a generator with a higher power rating than the total power of all your devices.

  • The Number of Outlets and Outlets Type

The generator should have enough outlets for your needs. You should also check out the types of outlets since generators come with different outlets.

  • Output and Power Needs

The power needs are another vital thing you should consider when purchasing a generator. When you are sure about the generator size, you need it becomes easier to select the unit.

As mentioned, to know your power needs, you have to list down all your appliances and calculate their wattages. You then check out the starting and running wattages of the different devices.

  • Fuel Type

The fuel type directly affects the usability of the generator. The great thing is that Firman H08051 gives you options; it features dual-fuel, i.e., gasoline and propane.

Gasoline fuel has some benefits over propane fuel but also has notable drawbacks. Gasoline is readily available and accessible throughout the year, but its availability during emergencies, natural disasters, etc., can be pretty tricky.

Propane has a great shelf life of about eight to ten years, plus it's cheap and clean. However, its energy rating is relatively low. In addition, propane is safer to work with since it doesn't risk fire and spillage.

  • Portability

Almost all the Firman models are portable. If you are moving around with your generator, you should consider lightweight and thus highly portable generators.

The conventional generator usually features heavy-duty wheels that allow easy movement. Specific Firman models do not feature wheels; therefore, you will have to invest in a wheel kit separately.

  • Runtime and Fuel Tank Capacity

The generator's fuel capacity is essential, more so if you plan to run your generator on gasoline fuel. Generators with big fuel tanks will offer you more runtime.

For propane generators, run time depends on the size of the cylinder and the amount of load on the generator. To increase the run time of Firman H08051, keep the load at 50% of the total out rate of the generator.

Choose those with large tanks if you plan to use your generator frequently and run it for extended periods. But if you'll be using it, occasionally use those with small tanks.

  • Generator Type

There are two common types of generators which are inverter and conventional. If the total power needs of your household are below 3000 watts, then the fireman inverter is the best choice for you.

Conventional generators are suitable for households or businesses with higher power needs. The inverter generators are usually fuel-efficient, small, and lightweight but produce stable electricity.

Interestingly they are ideal for running sensitive devices such as chargers, computers, medical equipment, etc. Other functions of inverter generators are powering camps, RVs, and other appliances during power outages.

You can use the inverter generator in worksites that need little power. The conventional generators are heavier and offer more power than inverters. On the downside, they do have high operational costs. In addition, the traditional generators are quite noisy than the inverters.

  • Noise Level

The Firman H08051 has a noise rating of 74 dBA, which is quieter than conventional generators. If you live in a gated neighborhood or aren't comfortable with noise, select an inverter generator since they are more peaceful.

If you have a conventional generator, you will upgrade the exhaust system. Replacing your exhaust with high-quality mufflers will help reduce the amount of noise from the generator.

More Information about the Firman Brand

Overall, the Firman brand makes excellent quality and high-performance generators. Truly the generator's quality is worth every dollar it costs. However, despite Firman generators being high quality, it's tough finding a retailer to buy from.

It's because the Firman brand is not so famous to the consumers. Therefore finding a specific model can be pretty tricky. The best online retailer to check for Firman generators is Amazon.

However, the one rule of online shopping is that you should always purchase products from reputable sellers. You will be able to get support in case of any issues with the generator.

However, it would be best to deal with Firman customer support directly in case of any issues. You can also check out their website to learn more about their warranty.


Suppose you are on your way to purchasing the Firman H08051; good for you since it's a fantastic generator. The generator has high power wattage and will indeed power almost all the devices in your home.

It will make your home more comfortable since it's so reliable. You can also use the generator on your camping trips and in your home to run the essential electronics. The generator will give you peace of mind since it has features to ensure all your appliances and devices are safe and secure.

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