DuroStar DS4400EHF Generator Review: The Ultimate Review


The DuroStar DS4400EHF is a portable hybrid generator ideal for those who love dual fuel generators. The generator is an essential piece of equipment that you need to have.

It comes in handy during power outages by powering your devices such as light etc. As mentioned, the DuroStar DS4400EHF portable generator is hybrid, meaning it can run on both propane and gas.

The model size is ideal for backup power and will allow you to enjoy the comforts of the grid. The article reviews this generator model, and thus you'll get to learn about its perks. In addition, the review will help you make the right purchase decision.

DuroStar DS4400EHF


  • Wattage: 3500 watts
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG/ Propane), Gasoline
  • Output wattage: 4400 Watts
  • Item weight: 122 lbs.
  • Starting System: Electric, Recoil
  • Engine: 208 cc


Engine Displacement and Power Output

The DuroStar DS4400EHF offers running wattage of 3500 watts and surge wattage of 4400 watts. During power outages, the power is enough to run your appliances like the air conditioner.

The generator model engine is a seven-horsepower 196cc and is air-cooled. The machine has steel ball bearings and a cast iron sleeve that improves its performance and makes it durable.

It features the low oil shutoff technology that prevents the generator from accidentally drying off oil. The spark arrestor is another unique feature, and it prevents fires.

The idle control system offers convenience. The technology constantly maintains the generator's RPM even if the load fluctuates, saving fuel and reducing engine noise.

Start Type

The other essential features are the pull start mechanism and electric key start, making it easy to start the generator.

The electric key start is the best since it quickly powers the generator with a simple button press. You can use the manual pull-start if the key-start doesn't work because of issues like a flat battery.

Power Panel

DuroStar DS4400EHF is moderate, but it has a fantastic power panel. The power panel features the circuit breaker, power outlets, voltmeter, etc.

You can almost access all the generator features from the power panel.

 Portability and Size

The generator's size is average and compact. It weighs 122 lbs., which makes it not so heavy. The generator includes a wheel kit and tubular frame that makes it easy to move around.

Noise Level

When it comes to generators, people usually complain about noise a lot. The DuroStar DS4400EHF has a fair noise rating of 69 dBA.

You can install the noise-dampening muffler on the generator to reduce the sound pressure. If the unit is operating a heavy load, you will surely hear it running. Overall, the noise is tolerable if you place it far from your home.


The model's price is quite competitive with other portable generators with similar wattages. The DuroStar is a good deal since it's dual fuel, making it versatile.

The dual-fuel portable generators have a higher price tag than conventional gas-only generators.

Dual Fuel

Its ability to operate gasoline or propane makes it a big sale. Gasoline is usually readily available, but propane offers more amazing benefits such as storage and clean power.

Propane comes in pretty convenient storage tanks, and it has a better shelf life than gasoline. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) can retain potency for several years, making it ideal fuel to store for emergencies.

The generator model has a Flexi -line connection that enables you to use different propane tanks.


The generator will give a running time of 20 hours when running on propane at 50% maximum load.

You will get eight hours of running time on a four-gallon gas tank. However, the running time also depends on the amount of load on the generator.


The warranty is an integral part of any electrical device with moving parts. The good news is that DuroStar DS4400EHF comes with a three years warranty, but it does not cover all its aspects.

The warranty will undoubtedly help you save some dollars in case of repairs etc. To get more information on the warranty, you should talk to the seller. You can check their official website or call their customer support.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Generator

The generator is an essential device for any business or home. Power from electricity is efficient and reliable, but there can sometimes be power outage issues.

Even a minute of a power outage can complicate things. Imagine how thirty minutes of no power will affect your business.

That’s if your business hugely relies on electricity, you will have to send several customers away.

At home, the power outages will also affect several things such as the house temperature since air conditioners won't be functioning, perishable foods in refrigerators, etc.

Portable or Standby Generators

Each generator type has its advantages; you need to understand them to know which one to select. The portable generators are ideal for traveling.

They are also suitable for RVs since they do not need a stationary power supply. Plus, they are pretty small and do require little power.

The stationery standby generators are large and offer more power. They are ideal for businesses and homes and have a longer run time because of their large engine tanks.

The standby generators also offer convenience. Some have features that automatically restart when there is an outage.

Power Needs

Before buying a generator, you should be sure it will meet all your power needs. It means the generator should efficiently power your home devices and appliances.

If you want to power your home, choose generators that can offer power of around 15 kW. It's enough power to run your home devices such as television, central air unit, etc.

A generator that offers 15 kW power is also great for your business. You will be able to operate your computers etc.

In the field, you will need a powerful generator to run power-hungry equipment such as welding machines, saws, etc. All in the entire power amount you need depends on specific needs.

Remote Start and Other Smart Technologies

Today the world is so technologically advanced. Many generator manufacturers are including intelligent technologies in these units. The features ensure the smooth running of the generators.

There are self-diagnostic technologies that detect any issues with the generator. Therefore you won't have to worry about second-guessing your generator issues.

It features an intuitive control panel that informs you about the fuel levels and the available power.

However, choosing generators based on intelligent technologies can be pretty tricky. That's because all the different brands do have unique technological features, and all have excellent functions.

Future Power Needs

Before purchasing a generator, you need to consider the future. Most definitely, almost all people will want more power in the future. It's because of growth, i.e., a bigger family, additional appliances, etc.

There are specific generator designs that allow you to add more power in the future. They offer the option of running them in parallel with other generators. It's a good feature in the business setting since businesses are constantly growing.


The primary role of the generator is to power your home or business during power outages efficiently. Therefore the generator should make your life more comfortable and not miserable.

Nobody wants a generator that cannot offer power when they need it most. Before making the purchase, you should know its running time, the fuel tank capacity, and the amount of fuel it consumes.

You should also know the type of fuel it uses and consider the availability of the fuel in your area. However, if you do not want issues regarding refueling, you can select the dual fuel generators.

Who Makes DuroStar Generators

DuroPower Company is the manufacturer of DuroStar generators. The company is famous for making engines and other parts. It also has other generator lines, such as DuroMax.

DuroPower has been in existence since 1989 and has also been making power tools. People love DuroPower products because of their design and engineering, plus they assemble their products.

The company offers different generator designs; some are for commercial use and others for residential use. The DuroStar generator's design makes them efficient and so affordable. The DuroStar generators are also reliable, portable, and have power outputs from 1050 watts to 10000 watts.

They perform multiple functions such as powering camps and RVs, offering emergency backup power, powering worksites and equipment, etc.


The DuroStar DS4400EHF is a hybrid and portable generator. The generator has options of using gasoline or propane, which offers versatility.

However, this feature gives the generator a higher price than conventional generators with similar power. In addition, its noise level is average, and you can reduce it using the muffler.

Therefore it won't have much effect on your comfortability. The generator also has other great electric start features that allow you to start it quickly. Consequently, it's an ideal generator for those who want a versatile generator that offers clean power.

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