Champion 7500 Watt Generator Review

The Detailed Review

Portable generators are great backup options during power outages caused by natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, etc. The champion 7500-watt generator is among the powerful, most reliable generators that will meet the power demands of your home or business. 

The generator is affordable and has dual-fuel technology, which makes it versatile. The generator has terrific features that offer safety and convenience, making it easy to operate. 

The champion 7500-watt generator is the ideal backup generator for your home or business. Here is a detailed review of this generator; it will help you decide during purchase.

The design of the champion 7500-watt generator offers your safety and convenience. It means the generator will perfectly serve you during an outage. 

It is powerful enough to power your most essential household appliances such as an oven, water heater, refrigerator, etc.

Champion 7500 Watt Generator


Product Specification

  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, Propane
  • Voltage: 240 Volts
  • Output Wattage: 7500 Watts
  • Total Power Outlets: 4
  • Runtime: 8 Hours


Fuel Capacity 

The generator has a medium-capacity fuel tank of 6.1 gallons which is not large but suitable for its size. The generator has two fuel type options which are propane and gasoline. 

The fuels will offer you power that's enough to run all your essential devices and equipment. With a 50% gasoline load, the generator can run for eight hours. 

With a half load on a single propane tank, the generator can run for up to 5.5 hours. It has excellent starting power and offers 7500 watts which are enough to efficiently run your freezer, sump pump, refrigerator, etc. 

Reliability and Design

The champion power brand is famous for producing uniquely designed and potent generators. The design makes their generators so reliable. The generator is reliable, and it will serve you well in various situations. 

It packs several features such as cold start technology, heavy-duty construction, and open-shell design. Overall, the champion 7500-watt generator has been designed to deliver. 

The cold start technology is one of the best features, enabling you to start the generator in freezing weather or conditions quickly.  

The company also offers a three years warranty which is good. The company has free lifetime technical support from its dedicated and well-trained experts. 


The build of the generator makes it quite durable. The generator parts are from high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. Therefore you will have no worries about buying spare parts or repairs because it has broken down. 

The generator has a heavy-duty frame, folding handle that's U-shaped, durable wheel kit, and never-flat tires. All this makes the generator so durable. 

The generator also features the low-oil shutoff sensor; it automatically shuts the engine when the fuel level is low to protect it from damage. The generator also features the intelligauge that tracks the frequency, runtime hours, and voltage. 

Therefore you can schedule the maintenance of the generator by looking at the intelligauge. It will ensure longer battery life.


The generator's run time is long, meaning you refill the fuel often or continually. Therefore this will save you when it comes to the fuel cost. 

The runtime also depends on the capacity of the fuel tank. A generator with a large tank will run longer before you refuel. The output wattages are vital for the generator's run time at its optimum performance. 

A generator with a longer running time offers you convenience and fuel efficiency. The champion 7500 generators have a run time of 8 hours which isn't that long. 

However, that's enough time to cover power blackouts and emergencies. The Champion 7500 is an excellent home backup generator, and it will comfortably power your home devices throughout an outage without a constant refuel. 

The generator has a tank capacity of six gallons which is not impressive, but it is highly efficient in fuel consumption. Therefore the six gallons will serve you for hours. 

With the champion 7500 watt generator, you undoubtedly get longer power supply hours and an affordable cost.

Champion 7500 Watt Generator



The generator guarantees you a smooth user experience. In the packaging, you'll get clear user instructions to help you set up the generator effortlessly. 

The generator also has a low-shut-off sensor that increases the protection level, adding convenience. You will run the generator without worrying about damages from low oil levels. 

The generator also features a heavy-duty frame, fold-down handles, and wheels. The handle and wheels make it easy to move the generator. The generator is suitable for outdoor projects because it is easy to move.


The generator has several outlets that can power multiple devices at once. There are six AC outlets on the control panel. 

The generator is VR-ready, plus it has other unique features like the twist lock transfer switch. 

It means you can power your appliance during power outages by connecting it to the breaker box. Among the generator's best features is the built-in power surge protector. It prevents overloads and thus protects your appliances.

It has a long extension cord of 25-feet, that can simultaneously power up to four appliances.


Each time you purchase a piece of equipment, you consider its value. The feature you get should compare to the price. 

The generator has several great features and specifications, making it a worthy investment. The generator includes an extension cord, engine oil, wheel kit, battery, oil funnel, and the unit. 


The champion 7500-watt generator has several features that improve its safety.  It features a built-in surge protector that is common in most high-end models. It shields your equipment and sensitive appliance during surges. 

It also features the intelligauge that checks several things like the running hours, voltage, frequency, etc. Knowing such information will help you make maintenances on time. Therefore it will ensure generator efficiency and longevity. 


If your home has limited space, then you need not worry. The generator design is compact and ideal for small spaces. 

It weighs 199.1 pounds which is quite heavy, and thus moving the generator can be challenging. The wheel kit and folding handle make it easily portable, though; you can move it from place to place. 

It has an open frame design to raise it about the ground level. Therefore you can comfortably use the generator for outdoor projects.

Dual Fuel 

It might not access the gas stations during outages caused by calamities such as tornadoes, typhoons, and hurricanes. The generator runs on either gasoline or propane, making it reliable and convenient. 


    Double fuel options
    Has wheel thus easy to move
    Low maintenance cost
    Electric start


    Quite heavy

Who Is the Champion 7500 Watt Generator Ideal For?

The generator is perfect for homeowners who want the best backup power source during blackouts. Its portability also makes it suitable for RV travelers that want self-sustainability. 

Food truck owners who do not want to rely entirely on electricity can benefit from its compactness and performance. Lastly, the generator is suitable for professional or small business owners who do not wish to get losses or lose customers. 

What sets the generator apart?

Several unique features make it more popular than other portable generators. 

The generator can run on dual fuels: gasoline (petrol) and Propane (LPG). It's famous for its high starting watts of 9375W and great running wattages of 7500W. 

In addition to the excellent power output, the generator has an electric start and intelligence, making it ideal for any project that needs portable electricity. 

Best Alternatives to the Champion 7500 Watt Generator

There are several excellent alternatives to the Champion 7500 watt generator in the market that pack almost similar features. If you want a fantastic generator that offers extra power, then there's the DuroMax New XPE12000E.  

The DuroMax model is slightly cheaper than the champion 7500-watt generator. It has starting wattages of 12000 and running wattages of 9000. 

Another option known as the Westinghouse WGEN 7500DF is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a generator with longer runtime. The generator is also cheaper than the champion 7500 and has some great features such as RV-ready. Plus, it does not produce too much noise at 64 dBA. 


The champion 7500-watt generator has a 439 cc dual-fuel engine with an electric start. The generator also has technologies like cold start, allowing you to power on the generator in cold conditions quickly. 

It is easy to use and is cost-efficient. The generator will undoubtedly power all your essential devices during emergencies such as power outages. It produces wattages of 7500, which can power most of your appliances such as refrigerator, TV, fans, light, etc. 

Its build design allows it to power multiple appliances for your outdoor projects. Plus, it includes a battery that facilitates a quick start. Overall, the champion 7500-watt generator is an ideal power backup option for your home. 

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