Champion 100110 Generator Review: Your Reliable Backup Generator


Champion is a well-known power equipment brand in the industry. They are well known for their generators, weed trimmers, and lawnmowers.

Champion generators, mostly known for considerable demands, will fulfill your needs and expectations with excellent quality and performance.

The Champion 100110 generator is the perfect combination of size, performance, and price that will get you back to work when the power goes out.

This article will discuss the Champion 100110 generator, which will help you get through any power outage with ease.

Why You Should Choose The Champion 100110 Generator

  • Easy To Start

The Champion 100110 generator comes with an easy-start feature, which is necessary to start the machine quickly in a cold environment. You can start it with its push-button start or pull-start if you prefer. There are two wheels and a handle on its side for easy transportation.

  • Powerful And Reliable

The Champion 100110 generator is a robust and reliable device with many features to facilitate users. It delivers a maximum output power of 11500W, which is impressive to run multiple appliances simultaneously.

  • Decent Runtime

The 10-hour runtime of Champion 100110 is undoubtedly excellent. The generator will run on one full tank at 50% load for a maximum of 10 hours.

  • Durable

The Champion 100110 is incredibly sturdy, and it's clear that Champion took great care to ensure that this machine will hold up for years of use.

The whole unit is excellent and will withstand the elements. Another thing that makes this generator more durable is that it comes with a steel hood.

  • Large Fuel Tank

The Champion 100110 generator comes with one of the largest fuel tanks among Champion generators. The 7.7-gallon fuel tank provides you with a long run time without having to refuel

Who Should Buy The Champion 100110 Generator

  • The Champion 100110 can power household appliances such as an air conditioner, a refrigerator, or a microwave while camping or during a power outage.
  • It can be used on the road for camping trips and tailgating.
  • This generator is perfect for large job sites, such as construction, mining, or oil field sites.
  • It’s also great for emergency backup power.
  • It will run continuously in remote locations with no fumes and a moderately quiet operation.


  • Low Oil Shut-Off Sensor

This Champion 100110 generator has a built-in low oil shut-off feature that monitors and shuts the engine off when there is insufficient oil in the crankcase.

Many people who own generators often find themselves checking the oil level regularly because they want to ensure that their machine will continue to work correctly.

The problem with this is that it can be very time consuming to check the oil level every time, especially if you own a large generator. With this generator, you don’t have to worry about the oil level because it will shut down automatically if there is not enough in the crank.

  • Powerful 459cc engine

The Champion 100110 comes with a powerful 459cc engine and can produce 11500 watts of power, which is enough to run your appliances during a blackout. It comes with an air-cooled OHV engine, and its heavy-duty brushless alternator will provide you with quality power.

With this generator, you will meet all your power needs for up to 10 hours when the power fails. It can produce enough energy to provide electricity for several appliances at once, including your refrigerator, furnace, and sump pump.

  • Volt Guard

One of the Champion 100110 unique features is the Volt Guard technology that keeps voltage fluctuations to a minimum. The Volt Guard technology features a circuit breaker that will shut down any power surge or drop in voltage.

This helps keep dangerous power surges away from your home appliances and other electrical devices. An automatic voltage regulator ensures steady voltage levels and prevents the unit from overloading and overheating.

  • Cold Start Technology

Cold start technology guarantees the engine will start at low temperatures. Champion 100110 generator is one of the best generators with cold start technology to provide reliable power at the flip of a switch.

This kind of generator starts its engine with a single push of the button. With this feature, you do not have to wait long to get your power back on, like when using other generators that do not have cold start technology.

  • Intelli-Gauge

The Intelli-Gauge is a unique feature that gives you real-time feedback on the performance of the Champion 100110 generator. This feature provides you with critical information about how your generator works, so you know what to do when it is not working correctly.

With the Intelli-Gauge feature, you can accurately measure the engine's RPM even when the unit is in idle mode. If the RPM is too high, there may be an issue with the fuel supply or oil leakage. In either case, you can contact a service center for help.

  • Never Flat Tires

This is important because it makes your generator more durable and less prone to wear and tear. Your generator will last longer without flat tires, making the investment worth it in the long run.

  • Electric Start

The Champion 100110 generator has an electric start feature that makes starting the unit very easy. The electric starter uses a 12-volt battery to start the generator. The generator takes about five seconds to start once you hit the starter button.

  • Spark Arrestor

The Champion 100110 Spark Arrestor is an additional safety feature essential for the generator to run correctly. It acts as a filter between the generator and the fuel tank.

It helps minimize the risk of fire hazards at home during power outages. The spark arrestor prevents any unwanted sparks from coming out of the generator's exhaust pipe, keeping it safe from starting any fire hazards while operating.

It controls the flow of sparks or flames when a machine is on. When there are no sparks, it means the engine is in good condition, and the exhaust gases will not be hot.

  • Fuel Tank

The Champion 100110 generator has a large fuel tank. With a capacity of 7.7 gallons, the generator can run for more than 10 hours on a full fuel tank.

This enables the user to use the generator's compact size and mobility without worrying about refueling during an outage.

  • EPA & CARB Compliance

The EPA and CARB both have stringent regulations on the emission of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. The Champion 100110 generator meets the latest emission standards to ensure minimal environmental impact.

  • Quality Construction

You can use this generator indoors or outdoors as it is made of heavy-duty steel housing and comes with a durable wheel kit. This generator also features all-weather operation capability, an excellent option for outdoor events and harsh weather.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Champion
  • Peak Wattage: 11500W
  • Running Wattage: 9200W
  • Voltage:120/240V
  • Peak Amperage@120/240V: 95.8/47.9Amps
  • Running Amperage @ 120/240V: 76.7/38.3Amps
  • Engine Type: OHV 4 Stroke 495 cc
  • Engine Speed: 3600RPM
  • Engine Oil Type:10W-30
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Ignition type: Electric
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Tank Capacity: 7.7 gallons
  • Runtime: 10hrs@1/2 load
  • THD: less than 20%
  • Noise level: 74dBA
  • Weight: 213Pounds
  • Color: Yellow/Black
  • Dimensions: 27.7x27.6x26.6inches
  • 3-yr limited warranty
  • Outlets: 2x 120V 20A(5-20R) Duplex GFCI

1x 120/240V 50A(14-50R)

1x 120/240V 30A (L 14-30R)

What’s Included In The Box

  • Champion 100110 generator
  • Oil funnel
  • Wheel kit
  • Engine oil
  • Battery
  • Owner’s manual


  1. Heavy; at 213 pounds, this generator is quite heavy. However, it is easily transported from one place to another using wheel kits.
  2. Noisy; the generator is not a bit noisy at 74dBA at a range of 23 feet.
  3. Fuel Guzzler; This generator consumes a lot of fuel since it has no Eco Mode.
  4. No Fuel Gauge; It also doesn't come with a fuel gauge, and therefore it isn't easy to access the gasoline levels.

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Q: What are the dimensions of this generator?

A: The dimensions are 27.7x27.6x26.6 inches

Q: Does it have a 4-prong twist lock?

A: Yes, it does

Q: Does the generator charge its battery?

A: Yes, it charges its battery

Q: Is this generator dual-fuel?

A: No, this generator only runs on gasoline

Q: Is the generator suitable to power TVs and computers?

A: Yes, the generator can charge these electronics

Final Verdict

The Champion 100110 generator is a reliable, sturdy machine that will provide you with the power you need during an outage. This model is great for homes, job sites, and the outdoors alike.

In conclusion, we're sure that you'll be delighted with this generator. It is a high-quality machine capable of providing you and your family the power it needs in an emergency.

We believe that it is well worth its price and hope that you will choose to purchase this item soon!

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