Top 3 Best Tri Fuel Generator Reviews

What To Look For When Buying One

If you're looking for a generator that can run on multiple fuel sources, then a tri-fuel generator is just what you need. Tri-fuel generators use gasoline, propane, and natural gas as fuel sources.

Tri fuel generators are a great option for anyone who needs to power up anything while they're away from the grid. They can be used in many different ways, depending on how you configure them.

 They may be pricier than other generators, but this could mean a life-or-death situation, especially in storm-related emergencies where you don't have access to gas stations, and you only need to use the fuel at hand.

1. Champion 100416 Tri-Fuel Generator

Champion 100416 Tri-Fuel Generator


The Champion 100416 Tri-Fuel Generator is ideal for storm-related emergencies, construction sites, and home backup.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Gasoline; Surge 10,000W, Running 8,000W
  • LPG; Surge 9000W, Running 7200W
  • Natural Gas; Surge 8750W, Running 7000W
  • Runtime: 12.5hrs(gasoline)5hrs(propane) @1/2 load
  • Noise Level:74dBA
  • Weight: 207 Pounds

Key Features

The Champion 100416 Tri-Fuel Generator can power up to 10,000 watts. This means that you can run more appliances simultaneously without overloading your system or having to use extension cords to accommodate all your needs. 

It is very easy to use and requires minimal assembly upon arrival. With its wheel kit, which includes no-flat tires, it's easy to transport from one place to another.

The generator also has an impressive 3- year warranty to cover any defective parts or labor issues and additional lifetime support on technicalities.

It comes with a carb-compliant spark arrestor that helps to reduce emissions. 

Furthermore, the generator is equipped with an electric start that makes it easy to use. It includes a battery for kick-starting the unit. 

The generator also features a low oil shut-down system that shuts down the engine when the oil level is low. This tool provides you with added safety. The overload protection system protects your machine from burnout or damage if it runs on overload due to continuous usage.

Another significant feature is the LED which displays the presence of hazardous Carbon Monoxide, among other displays such as voltage, frequency, and runtime.


    Digital display
    CO Gas detector
    Quick electric start


    It’s very pricy

2. Firman 9400W Tri-fuel Generator 

Firman 9400W Tri-fuel Generator


The Firman 9400-W generator is a great choice for RVs, Farms, Ranches, and home backup.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Gasoline; Surge 9400W, Running 7500W
  • LPG; Surge 8450W, Running 6750W
  • Natural Gas; Surge 6900W, Running 5500W
  • Runtime: 12hrs @1/2 load
  • Noise Level:72dBA
  • Weight: 212 Pounds

Key Features

Firman 9400 W Tri-fuel Generator is a powerful and portable generator that delivers up to 9,400 watts of power and runs on gasoline, LPG, and natural gas. This gives you the freedom to choose the fuel that’s best for your needs.

It includes an in-built automatic low oil shut-down system that prevents engine damage if the oil level is low.

The built-in wheel kit makes it very easy to move around and fit into tight spaces by folding down the handle. 

It comes with an AC power inverter so that you can run your refrigerator and other household appliances. Still, it will also allow you to use your tools and power up your RV or camper during an emergency. 

This generator can power items such as lights, medical devices, clothes dryers, and even air conditioners. The gas tank holds up to 8 gallons and provides 12 hours of runtime.

In addition, the generator also has an Eco throttle feature that will automatically reduce power consumption when you're powering low-energy devices.


    Durable steel construction
    Quick electric start
    Various charging outlets


    Not suitable for sensitive electronic devices

3. Pramac 7200W Tri Fuel Generator

Pramac 7200W Tri Fuel Generator


The Pramac 7200W Tri-Fuel Generator is a great option for homeowners, contractors, camping trips, and small businesses that need power.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Gasoline; Surge 7,500W, Running 7,000W
  • LPG; Surge 7,500W, Running 7,000W
  •  Natural Gas; Surge 7,300W, Running 6,700W
  • Runtime: 24hrs@1/2 load
  • Noise Level:72dBA
  • Weight: 218 Pounds

Key features

 Pramac 7200W Tri-Fuel Generator has been designed to be outstanding in terms of performance, efficiency, and durability. It comes with a 14HP Kohler CH440 OHV engine which produces enough power for various activities like home use and construction projects.

The tri-fuel generator runs smoothly on gasoline, natural gas, or propane (LPG) fuels, enabling you to get power when you need it most. It's also eco-friendly because it runs on clean-burning LPG fuel that contributes less pollution than other fossil fuels. With its noise suppression technology, it allows you to use it without causing noise disturbances.

In addition, it generates clean power for sensitive electronics such as laptops. It comes with a 3-year commercial warranty for any defects and labor.

The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) feature ensures consistent output regardless of voltage fluctuations. All the output ratings are at 50Hz (single phase) with 120V AC outlets.

Another essential feature is low oil shutoff, which shut down the power source quickly and easily when oil levels drop dangerously low. This feature also helps prevent the engine from accidentally starting up when not properly assembled during setup.


    Significant long runtime
    Versatile usage
    Clean energy


    It’s expensive

What To Consider When Buying A Tri Fuel Generator

Homeowners have several options for generators, but Tri-Fuel generators are a great choice for homeowners who need emergency backup power.

While Tri-Fuel generators use natural gas or liquid propane as their primary fuel source, they can also run on gasoline. This makes them ideal for households that need emergency power in locations where natural gas isn’t readily available. 

If you live in an area without natural gas service but do have access to propane tanks, this could be the perfect generator for your home. Gasoline is easy to find almost anywhere and can usually be stored for many months.

If you’re in the market for a new tri-fuel generator, then it’s important to take into consideration what will work best for your needs. There are a variety of factors that determine which generator is best for you. In addition to the obvious considerations such as size and power output, there are several other key characteristics worth considering:


When you want to buy a tri-fuel generator, one of the first things you must consider is the wattage. The wattage refers to the amount of power it can produce.

 Look at its peak wattage, also known as surge wattage, which will give you an idea of how much power it can deliver for your appliances.


The second important factor to consider when buying a tri-fuel generator is its running time under full load. This will tell you how long you can use this generator before it runs out of gas or dies down because there are no more liquid fuels available to burn.

 You need to ensure that your generators have enough juice if you are on a farm, ranch, or camping where there is no gas station nearby, enough to last you more than 10 hours.

Fuel tank capacity

The fuel tank capacity of a generator is one of the main factors to consider. It is very important because you will need to determine how much time it can run on its power using the fuel you have filled. 

The higher the capacity, the longer your generator will last without refueling. Fuel tanks are measured by gallons (gal). 

Some generators have gas tanks that hold about 6 gallons, which means that they can run for about 12 hours until they need refilling with more gasoline, natural gas, or propane. Larger generators usually have even larger engines and bigger fuel tanks.

Clean energy

As an electrical equipment user, you know how important it is to use the highest quality products. This is particularly true when it comes to generating clean energy for sensitive electronics. This is why you must consider a tri-fuel generator with clean energy.

Natural gas offers all the benefits of traditional generators without the environmental impact, including lower carbon emissions and fewer pollutants. When compared with other types, natural gas produces fewer than half of the CO2 emissions. 


It goes without saying that if you want a tri-fuel generator, a warranty will play an integral role in your decision-making process.

It is important to note that you are getting the right kind of warranty. A tri-fuel generator needs to have a longer warranty period than other generators.

 This is because tri-fuel generators are quite expensive, and if something goes wrong with them, they will be more costly to repair. 

Tri fuel generators have different warranties depending on their prices. A low-budget Tri-Fuel Generator may come with a 12-month warranty, while high-end Tri-Fuel Generators will come with a two-year or more warranty. 

Power outlets

It is very important to check whether the tri-fuel generator has a sufficient number of power outlets in it or not because there will be several heavy electrical devices you will have to run simultaneously. 

The first thing that you have to do is go through the instruction manual and see what kind of power outlet it requires.

So, if you own an RV home with a small power outlet capacity, then it would be better for you to buy a tri-fuel generator that has an ample number of power outlets.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption is one of the considerations to make when you are buying a tri-fuel generator.

 For example, if you want to use your tri-fuel generator at home or in an office where the electricity supply is constant, the amount of fuel it consumes will not be much compared to using it in open areas such as farms and ranches.

Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR)

An AVR will help control the fluctuation in voltage that can occur when switching power sources mid-operation. It ensures that you get a steady flow of electricity, even when you’re running on multiple fuels. 

This component will save you from having to readjust your machine while it's constantly running.


 The best tri-fuel generator will offer you high-quality performance, long-lasting durability, and the ability to generate enough power to keep your home or business operating during an outage. We hope our reviews have helped you narrow down your options for this type of generator.

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