Best solar generators

Best Solar generators

Recently Solar energy has emerged as a simple and clean form of natural power. It is sustainable and long lasting. Solar power generators are a good alternative source of power. Moreover, portable solar generators are lightweight and do not produce any fumes. Unlike other portable generators, the solar donators do not make any noise during operation.

Many solar generators are all-in-one portable generators with rechargeable batteries. These batteries can be recharged by solar panels. Before purchasing a solar generator, you will need to have a look at  the guidelines for clarification

Solar Powered Generator Buying Guide

Although a solar generator has many advantages, they are not suitable for every purpose. You should ask yourself the following questions to finalize which solar generator will work for you and which is the best one that suits you.

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1.Ecoflow River Solar Power Rechargeable Power Station

The Ecoflow portable generator weighs around 11 pounds. It gives an output power of 500 Watts. This power station is very quiet with a  portable battery. It produces a power output of 412 Wh. This power source can be used for any household needs. Since the generator is highly portable it can be used for outdoor activities too like camping. The River solar Power battery can hold the charge for a minimum of 1 year. The well sophisticated technology provides great safety measures on charging the electronic appliances. These solar power generators are parallel compatible  such that you can get extra power when required. The generator can give a steady power to computers and laptops for 30 hours.

It is lightweight and can be carried easily with its carrying handle.


  • Less weight
  • 11 outlets are present
  • The temperature management is very smart.


  • Solar panels are excluded.

2.Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Solar Power Station


  • Lightweight
  • Charging with a regular outlet is possible.


  • It charges slower.

3.Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator

The Phoenix generator weighs less than 13 pounds which is very light when compared to other generators. The generators have the same running and surge watts of 150 watts. This is a versatile portable generator which is exclusively designed for emergencies. The features include high efficiency and compact in size make it a great choice for the buyers. Power sources like AC or solar can be used to recharge the Phoenix generator. The in-built battery can provide power more than you expect. The frequency of the output is 60 Hz.


  • Compact and portable
  • Expandable for a quick recharge


  • Overheating can occur at temperatures over 104F
  • Suitable for light use only.

4.Jackery Explorer 440 Solar Generator

The 440Wh capacity Jackery 440 weighs less than 13 pounds similar to a phoenix generator. Since it can charge with solar power, no fuel is needed. Simply, you can plug the generator to a solar panel. Charging the generator using a wall socket can take upto 8 hours whereas it takes more than 8 to 10 hours using solar panels. Unfortunately you cannot charge Explorer 440 using a carport. The other important features are the LCD display and a LED flashlight which is great for both indoor and outdoors.

This model helps in controlling the voltage and the temperature to a great extent and provides an excellent battery life. You can get the Jackery generator with a 2 year warrant


  • Powerful and less weight
  • It contain numerous safety features
  • It is good for outdoor camps.


  • Solar panels are not included.
  • Carport doe not support charging.

5.HomeGrid 5000HD Portable Solar Generator

The Homegrid generator has a running 5,000 watts. The surge watts is twice as much as the running watts. It is adaptable to any weather conditions. A power of 3700 can be stored and the expandable battery helps in gaining extra power. Its unique feature is its durability. The generator is a home backup that is why it carries high power.


  • It is weather resistant
  • It is very powerful
  • It has an expandable battery.


  • Comparatively high cost.

6.PAXCESS S320 100-Watt Portable Solar Power Generator

The 155 Wh capacity PAXCESS power generator weighs around 3.3 pounds which is the most light weight among the generators.The running and surge watts are 100 and 150 watts respectively. Customer satisfaction is the company’s first priority. If you are not satisfied with their product you can return it within a course duration of 45 days and 100% money will be refunded. Moreover, if you detect any malfunctioning of the generator, then the company will provide a new risk free generator.

The temperature, voltage control can be managed by the battery thereby giving security to your devices. The perfect backpack generator does not emit any fumes and is 100% safe using it in home or camping


  • Light weight
  • It has a versatile functionality
  • There are 3 different charging options.


  • It is for only light use.

7.Audew High Capacity Portable Battery Power Station

A 50 watt solar panel is used to charge a Audew portable generator fully. The leftover charge can be monitored using the LCD display. Powering up the small devices is easy with the help of this high capacity generator. The in-built battery helps to improve the utilization of the battery and prevents the overheating of the devices. Using an aluminium alloy can create oxidation reactions and protect the surface with outstanding temperature and corrosion resistance.

This generator can sort out all the outdoor troubles during a power outage.


  • Less in weight
  • Its functionality is versatile.
  • There are safety features like LED indicators
  • Efficient.


  • It is not a solar generator technically but can charge via solar panels.

8.Suako Outdoors Portable Solar Power Station

Although it is compact and lightweight, it holds its power well for all the basic devices like personal appliances, car battery and lighting.

This retro design generator is suitable for outdoor power activities like camping as it is highly portable. This solar power battery is compatible with any solar panel brands but it give best results using Suako Solar Panels

This retro design generator is suitable for outdoor power activities like camping as it is highly portable. This solar power battery is compatible with any solar panel brands but it give best results using Suako Solar Panels


  • Easy switching between AC & DC.
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • It can charge through an outlet.


  • Usage during charging is not possible.

1. How much power is required?

Though the solar generators are lightweight, it produces less power output compared to other inverter generators and conventional generators. You should calculate the required power by checking the power consumed by each and every devices that you are going to power in your home during blackouts.
Keep in mind that most of the solar generators do not carry high power. Hence these solar generators can be used for home backup.

2. Does the power station carry a solar panel?

Not in every solar labeled power station, a solar panel is included. You have to check whether the solar panels are included with the power station. If not, then check whether these generators can work only with exclusive solar panels, or can they linked to other brand solar panels

3.Do you want a non-emitting quiet generator?

A solar generator can neither run on fossil fuels nor emit fumes. Hence, it is very safe for indoor use. These generators have rechargeable batteries with no engine. Virtually, they are silent generators.

4.Do you need to carry the generator?

Remember most of the solar generators are lightweight. Hence it is easy to carry to any place. But there are some heavy models that are not suitable for outdoor trips.

5.Is solar energy sufficient?

If you live in a place where you do not get ample sun hours, then you need a portable power station with alternating charging options. Most of the portable solar power station is rechargeable via car outlet or regular wall outlet.

Above all, you should remember that fully charging a portable station requires several hours. So ensure that you keep a charged battery in case of emergency situations. Moreover, not all units can be used while charging. We have sourced some examples of what we consider the best solar power generators.

Advantages of owning a solar-powered generator

Have you decided to become more eco-friendly? Are you looking for safe backup power? The most mentioned  five advantages of a solar generator


The replacement of fuel running generators with solar generators helps in reducing the emission of polluted gas. Average, fuel-oriented generators can emit 58,109 Ibs of CO2 per year. But using solar power, you can decrease the rate of CO2 output by nearly 6% per year.

2.Investment in Long-term savings

Solar energy can save 25% of the time and money more than 400$ a year. Everyone likes the idea of saving money. Using solar power is the only energy-saving action.

3.Great for indoor use

Since solar generators do not produce toxic fumes, they are completely safe for indoor activities. These solar generators are convenient as there are no moving parts. You can easily move your portable generator from one room to another.

4.Noiseless Operation

Although it is eco-friendly and greatly recommended for indoor activities, it should also be quiet. This solar generator gives a noiseless operation making it very comfortable to take it anywhere.

5.Ease of Use and Convenience

Once a generator is installed, the sun rays will charge your battery. You need not worry about your solar generator since it needs no maintenance.

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