Top 5 Best 1000W Inverter Generator: Your Complete Outdoor Generator Guide


A 1000W inverter generator is the most popular for off-the-grid use, and it can be powered by natural gas or propane. It has a power rating of 1,000 watts, enough to run sensitive electronics like computers or television sets.

A power outage can turn your life upside down. Imagine being in the middle of cooking dinner for your family when suddenly the lights go out. Or you are trying to get work done at home, but the computer shuts down without warning.

Powerful 1000W inverter generators can cut through this worry because they will keep your household running smoothly even in times of emergency.

Discover how to choose a model that is right for your needs in this article, as well as some suggestions for the best 1000W inverter generators on the market today.


  1. Honda EU1000W Inverter Generator

The Honda EU1000w inverter generator is perfect for tailgating, camping, hunting, and emergency backup power use!

Product specifications

  • Power Output: Surge 1000W,900W Running
  • Runtime:8.3hrs@1/4 load
  • Noise Level:53-59dBA
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Weight:32.8Pounds

Key Features

The Honda EU1000i inverter generator is a small generator that has many features. These include an Eco-Throttle Control which increases fuel efficiency and low noise levels while running.

This unit can run in both inverter and non-inverter modes to be compatible with most appliances such as TVs, lights, fans, and small power tools.

It’s the quietest portable inverter generator available at less than 59 dBA. This compact inverter generator is designed for use in your home or office when you need power away from the utility grid.

It starts with 1-2 pulls and is very simple and quick, especially for older people.


  • It's ultra-quiet
  • Its very lightweight
  • Its fuel-efficient


  • It has a small tank that needs continuous filling.

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  1. PowerSmart 1000 W Inverter Generator

The PowerSmart 1000W Inverter Generator is perfect for camping trips or any situation where you need electricity away from your home.

Product specifications

  • Power Output: Surge 1000W, 900W Running
  • Runtime : 5hrs@1/2 load
  • Noise Level:49dBA
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Weight:39Pounds

Key Features

Power Smart is an Industrial grade generator with superior frequency control, low emission, and efficiency. Power Smart has the features of low noise, ease to carry, and high efficiency.

It is an excellent choice for household use to keep your lights on in emergencies such as power outages.

It comes with an automatic overload protector, which prevents damage caused by overloading or abnormally high loading.

The PowerSmart Generator will allow you to continue using all your devices even when an outage or disaster strikes.

And unlike traditional generators that require gas and emit fumes, the PowerSmart Generator runs on clean, green electricity from your home’s existing outlets and extension cords.

It has compact size and lightweight, and convenient to carry around wherever you need it.

It has a stable AC output which allows for continuous operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.


  • Compact design
  • Super quiet operation
  • Green energy


  • Hard to start

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  1. Generac 76711 1200W Inverter Generator

The Generac 76711 1200W Inverter Generator is ideal for boating trips and tailgating parties.

Product specifications

  • Power Output: Surge 1200W, 1000W Running
  • Runtime : 5hrs @1/2 load
  • Noise Level: less than 59dBA
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Weight:36.3 Pounds

Key Features

True Power Technology delivers clean, reliable power, suitable for sensitive devices, equipment, and appliances.

With a built-in handle, the compact and lightweight design makes traveling convenient.

The Economy Mode lowers engine speeds automatically to save fuel and minimize noise pollution.

Moreover, LED indicators to inform you if the device is low on oil, overloaded, or ready for use. Covered Outlets offer additional environmental protection.

Low-oil Level Shutdown protects the engine from harm by shutting it down automatically.


  • Easy starting system
  • Low noise operation
  • Fuel efficient engine


  • Intermittent stutter

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  1. Buffalo Tools GEN1000I 1000W Inverter Generator

The Buffalo Tools GEN1000I 1000W Inverter Generator is perfect for football games, camping, scouting, camping, and RV owners.

Product specifications

  • Power Output:Surge 1000W, 800W Running
  • Runtime:8hrs@full load
  • Noise Level: less than 59dBA
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Weight:22.8 Pounds

Key Features

The Buffalo Tools GEN1000I 1000W Inverter Generator is built for camping and outdoor pleasure. It is equipped with a 1,000-watt peak inverter that provides clean and stable DC power to operate sensitive electronics such as computers and televisions.

Because it produces clean, constant, and dependable power, sine wave electricity, it is convenient to carry your electronics.

The  4-stroke OHV engine produces enough power for home entertainment systems, tools, camping equipment, lights, and more.

Automatic idle control ensures the engine runs at the lowest RPM possible when starting up, using less fuel while keeping noise levels down during operation.


  • Very fuel-efficient
  • Has an easy start
  • lightweight


  • It doesn't power large appliances such as microwaves.

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  1. PowerMate PM1200i 50ST Inverter Generator

The PowerMate PM1200i 50ST Inverter Generator is ideal for outdoor activities.

Product specifications

  • Power Output: Surge 1200W, Running 1000W
  • Runtime: 5.5hrs@ ½ load
  • Noise Level: less than 60dBA
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Weight: 37.3 Pounds

Key Features

The  PowerMate PM1200i 50ST has a revolutionary variable-speed engine that automatically adjusts the RPM to match load demand – this means significant savings on fuel and low emissions.

This is a fantastic generator that is ideal for supplementing your emergency supplies. It is a lightweight, compact machine that packs conveniently and runs very quietly. All you have to do is add gas and oil, and you're ready to go.

Everything you need to set up and run the generator is included. It comes with a funnel for adding oil (oil is not provided) and a spark plug tool for when a repair is required. It also comes with two AC outlets with 3-prongs.

It takes a few additional pulls on the starter lever to get the generator started at first, but once the oil and gas are in the machine, it starts promptly. The generator has an automatic low oil shut-off and will shut down automatically if your oil level falls below a certain level.


  • Conserves fuel
  • Has a quick start
  • Low noise level operation


  • It does not come with oil

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What To Consider When Buying A 1000W Inverter Generator

Have you thought about buying a 1000W inverter generator? You may be wondering why such as small unit as that is worth considering. Let us explain!

An inverter generator runs off gasoline, and it works by converting the gas into electricity using an engine.

It also converts back to gasoline when not in use, which is why they are so popular among those who want to cut down on their carbon footprint and support clean energy.

There are a variety of factors that you need to consider when buying a 1000W inverter generator.


Most importantly, the runtime is a factor to consider when buying a 1000W Inverter Generator. It's not enough to buy the most expensive or powerful model on the market, as this can be worse for your needs.

The runtime of your inverter generator refers to how long it can run continuously before its gas tank runs out.

If you run your generator for less than 10 hours a week, paying attention to runtime should not be your primary concern. But if you plan to use the generator more often, like in power outages or camping trips, then look for one with better battery life.

Surge Vs. Running Wattage

If you have your heart set on a 1000-watt inverter generator, you must understand that there are two different types of 1000 wattage: surge and running watts. You need to figure out which one will suit your needs best before you go ahead and make any purchases.

You may think it's not such a big deal, but if you ignore this detail, you could end up with a generator that can't even power the tools you have.

The surge wattage of an inverter generator refers to its peak output capacity—the highest amount of power that it can generate at once. While the running wattage, also known as rated watts, is the continuous watts required to keep something running.

Usually, the surge wattage is higher than the running wattage, and you have to choose the amount of running wattage you need to run your appliances.

Noise Level

When looking for a generator to meet your needs, you must consider the generator's noise level. Inverter generators are designed to run more quietly than other models, but even inverter generators make some noise.

Inverter generators produce less engine noise because they offer a high-frequency operation higher than conventional generators.

This enables the inverter generator to operate with a smaller engine and still provide power at a similar wattage as larger engines in conventional units.

Always consider the environment you are using the generator. You would need an ultraquiet generator when camping and at tailgating parties—most of these fall under 60dBA.


Many people overlook this factor when shopping for a generator. They may even forget to consider the generator's weight when searching for one online or at their local hardware store.

However, there are certain situations where the unit's weight alone might make all the difference in your purchase decision.

Knowing how much weight you can handle and what types of generators you should be looking at will help you find the right generator for your needs and budget.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is important because it helps you save money on your utility bill. If you are looking to buy a 1,000W inverter power generator, you should consider that unit's fuel efficiency.

The more efficient the device, the lower the price per kWh for each unit of electricity generated by that generator. The more units of electricity generated, the less money spent on utilities over time.

The higher the cost per kWh, or unit of electricity produced by your generator; The higher your budget will be to produce enough energy

Power Outlets

A generator's power outlet is an essential factor to consider when buying a 1000W inverter generator. This is because this is where you connect your devices to the generator. Without this, you cannot use the device with ease and comfort.

These outlets will determine how many appliances you can use at once without running into issues with overloads or under-powering.

You should note that generators come in different types and sizes depending on their wattage. For example, a 1KW generator will have one power outlet, while a 2KW model will have two outlets.

Therefore, if you want to use multiple appliances at once, you should get a bigger one with more outlets rather than multiple smaller ones that can only run one appliance at a time.

Fuel Type

The fuel type of an inverter generator is an essential factor to consider when buying a 1000W inverter generator.

An inverter generator that runs on propane is more expensive but is more economical in the long run due to it costing less per hour of operation.

The advantage is that the fuel tank of the propane-powered generators can hold more fuel than other types, making operations last longer. On the other hand, diesel-powered generators are cheaper and heavier, and louder than gas-powered ones.

Start Type

The 1000W inverter generators come with different starting methods, including battery start-up, where you can choose between manual and automatic start-ups. The former requires cranking, while the latter has push-button ignition systems.


Now that you've learned about the pros and cons of each model, hopefully, it will be easier for you to make an educated purchasing decision.

There are many different things to consider when purchasing an inverter generator. By following the recommendations above, you should find a reliable model that will serve you well for years to come.

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