3000 watt generators

 3000-watt inverter generator

Inverter generators are an indispensable option when you need a portable generator. The only disadvantage is that these generators don’t carry much power with an average of 1000-2000 watts.

Th high power of 3000 watts can be obtained exclusively by certain types of inverter generators. Before deciding which inverter generator to choose, you will have to consider certain features before making up your mind.

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1. Briggs & Stratton P3000 Portable 3000-Watt Inverter Generator

The Briggs & Stratton P3000 PowerSmart inverter generator is powerful with compact portable package.

You can drag this generator with ease to find a suitable place for its operation. It has a run time of 9 hours at a 25% load.  This model is comparatively quieter than most others. Although you can hear its sound outside the window, it won’t disturb your sleep

The sensitive LCD display is very difficult to read as the screen glares if there is powerful sun light.

Only an light source from outside can help to illuminated the LCD display while to start the generator.


  • Less noise
  • Good choice for powering up electronic devices
  • Light weight
  • Portable.


  • Regular maintenance is required.
  • The LCD display is hard to read in powerful light.

2.Honda Quiet 3000-Watt Inverter Generator

Honda’s Quiet Gasoline Generator is an expert in providing a dependable experience on generating the power

The main advantage of this generator is its large capacity fuel tank. No need to refuel the tank too often for prolonged days of operation. Moreover, you don’t have to monitor engine from damage.

If the generator is not provided with sufficient oil, then the automatic shutoff system will seize the engine from operation

Large domestic appliances like cloth drivers and washing machines can draw high power. Hence, an large outlet is provided to power up these electronic appliances. Moreover, you are provided with two household outlets for powering other devices.

Similarly, if you are in search for a lightweight generator, then this generator is not the right choice for you. Because it is gigantic with small wheels and carrying handles.

This generator cannot fit in a hatchback car. Two or more people need to lift the generator.


  • Quiet operation
  • high draw power appliances can be charged.
  • Safety measures are good.


  • Portability features are less.
  • Large in size

3.Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

If you are a camping person then these highly portable generators are recommended. The Champion RV-Ready Portable Inverter is a great choice. There are two handles for carrying which make a person to put only a minimum effort to move the generator around a smooth surface.

You will need to closely monitor the engine if the engine is going to run over a long period. If the motor runs low on oil, you need to provide a continuous motor oil supply. Unfortunately, this type of generator doesn’t support for long days travel because of often refilling.


  • High fuel efficiency
  • Easy portability.
  • long lasting wheel tires.


  • Inadequate fuel capacity
  • Oil capacity of the motor is very small.
  • Non-CARB compliant.

4.Firman W03081 3300

The Firman W03081 3300 portable generator produces outstanding results for its complete additional set and long-lasting exterior. This generator interface marking is very difficult to understand. You will not have any difficult using the Firman generator if you are familiar with a portable generator. This generator consists of two outlets namely one household and another USB outlet. It operates on a nine hour runtime at a 25% output. This generator has a extended warranty for three years.


  • It can power tailgating appliances
  • It has low-interference output power.
  • The generator accessory set includes bracket wrenches


  • Interfaces are difficult to read
  • Only a few outlets are present

5.Coleman Powersports CG3500i-A Generator

If you are looking to buy a weather-resistant generator, then the Coleman CG3500i is an excellent choice. The one-inch gap between the generator and the ground-level helps in preventing damage by precipitation or wet ground. With the bright red outfit of the generator, it is easy to locate even heavy snow.

The size of the generator is small so that it does not occupy more space in your vehicle.

If you are not confident how to use the unit, you will have to go through the manual to understand what should not be done because it doesn’t contain many safety measures like other generators. It contains removable covers for outlets and flipping the circuit breakers is easy as pushing a button.


  • Circuit breakers can be easily altered
  • Easy to maintain
  • Auto-scaling output is available.


  • Operating time is very short
  • Safety warnings are very less on the exterior
  • Absence of wheels.

1. Fuel Capacity

The capacity of the fuel is directly proportional to the quantity of time a generator can run.
In the case of invertors, the fuel capacities range approximately from 0.6 gallons to 5 gallons and can generate 3000 watts.
When the tank is full, the generators with large-capacities are full. Depending on the fuel capacity, they can run for longer hours than the generators with smaller-capacities.
For one gallon generator, you can only expect it to run at full output for a few hours, although the machine has good efficiency. On the other side, if the generator has a larger capacity tank, the estimated running time of the generator is about eighteen or even twenty hours.
One thing you have to keep in mind is that the higher the generator’s output, the faster the fuel will drain. If you have a plan of running high power appliances for long periods of time then you have to go with large capacity fuel tanks.

2. Fuel Efficiency

The efficiency of the fuel is an essential factor to be considered. Mostly, all the portable generators will be fuel-efficient and eco-friendly which ultimately increases efficiency.
You will face challenges if you compare the efficiency of the fuel between two generators because you will have to compare the sizes of the tank to the maximum output at the same output level.
It sounds good if you focus on other factors that are most relevant for your use of a generator or you can also opt for a generator with large size tanks to make a clearer decision.

3. Portability

If you have a plan on moving the generator multiple times than portability is an important factor to be considered.
Most of the 3000-watt output generators weigh around 70 pounds. The heaviest generator is around 100 pounds and the lightest generator is around 80 pounds.
Most of the portable 3000-watt output generators are bulky. So you might struggle to pick it up and move the generator due to its size.
The heavier generators usually have more features than the lighter ones. They have many number of outlets, large fuel tanks, more safety measures including heat shielding.
If you want to lift a generator then you should look at a generator with two handles(minimim).

4. Power Output Ports

A generator has numerous power outlets that are always an added advantage. Most of the generators carry a minimum of two 120-volt household outlets, but some may differ by having more than four outlets.
Outlets like extra-large outlets and USB ports are additional features that may help you to meet your essential usages. You have to give importance to the number of 120-volt standard outlets, as you can adapt them to your other needs quickly.

5. Power Stability

The fuel efficiency is directly linked to Power stability. The fluctuations in the power yield can damage devices like computers, scientific hardware, etc. So it might be better to avoid charging them using these portable generators unless you find out which generator has a better stability.

6. Easy to use

One of the critical factors to take into consideration when you are choosing a generator is the comfort to use. It can influence safety measures.
This includes factors like its printed instructions, interface, and the instruction set on the generator. If you want to continuously monitor the fuel level, then you can choose a generator with an LCD display for obtaining relevant information. Moreover, the interface must be easy to understand by the user.

7. Safety measures

Some of the safety measures include automatic shutoff, heat shielding and exhaust control.
An automatic shut-off system is used to shut off the system when the generator fails to operate properly on low oil or if the internal temperature raises beyond its tolerances.
When the generator runs on low oil, the engine cannot lubricate efficiently which leads to damages in generator’s part and result in engine seize.
An important safety feature is exhaust control.  During the operation, the generator emits toxic fumes that can harm your health.
When the generator is in operation, they are prone to catch high temperature. Unshielded surfaces can make you unsafe.

8. Maintenance Features

Maintenance depends on the use of the generator. If you run the generator more often, you should maintain it frequently.
These features include things like indicators on oil level, wrench sets and easily deface screws on generator’s exterior parts.
Above all features, the oil level of the motor is the most essential feature because it helps you to change the oil on monthly basis, which is the common maintenance that will have to be done.

9. Durability

If you are planning to use a generator for camping or other situations the durability is an indispensable feature. Most of the generators have enough warranty period.

Make sure you do not operate the generator with insufficient fuel levels because the durability would be tested for long run.

Fuses and circuit breakers are the components which are least durable than others in a generator. They are easy to break after the flip for extensive periods of time.

If you are not a technical expert, replacing fuses, circuit breaker can be quite challenging.
Importantly, components with less durability and low quality might leave you troubled if they fail while you are camping.

If you have good electronics knowledge, then you can replace the circuit breakers and fuses after a few years. Otherwise, you need to search for someone to repair it.

For all the above, you do not need to worry about the generator's the durability because most of them do not have complaints about durability to date.

Let’s have a look at some of the 3000-watt output
inverter generators as below on the market.


If you are thinking about purchasing a
generator, portability is not the biggest issue. A large fuel tank with a
low capacity oil reservoir is disappointing to use.

Remember to get familiar with the product first before using a generator since the interfaces can be confusing in most of the generators. Moreover, check the total outlets before you proceed. It is a total waste of money if you need to run multiple appliances and have not bought a generator with a sufficient number of charging ports.

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