Top 5 Best 12000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

The 12000-watt dual fuel generator is one of the most popular generators on the market today. 

This generator uses natural gas and liquid propane, which is a big deal for saving money and not worrying about running out of fuel.

The best part of these generators is that they do not require any installation and can be operated on any open ground or surface without requiring anything else. And if you want to keep them safe from theft, damage, etc., you can always install them.

If you are looking for a generator with all the features and works like a charm, you should consider these 5 12000 watt dual fuel generators.

1. DuroMax XP12000EH 12000-Watt  Dual Fuel  Generator


DuroMax XP12000EH

The DuroMax XP12000EH 12000-Watt Dual Fuel Generator is ideal for RVs, Tailgating, and Storm-related emergencies.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output:12000W Surge,9500W Running
  • Runtime:8.83h@1/2load
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, Propane
  • Noise Level:72dBA
  • Weight:224 Pounds

Key Features

The DuroMax XP12000EH is one of the most powerful units of its size on the market today, which is why it is very popular with campers and tailgaters. It can produce up to 12,000 watts of continuous power at 50 Hz and 120 volts. 

 Its 120-amp surge capacity provides more than enough power to run your refrigerator, freezer, sump pump, and other appliances simultaneously during an emergency or party situation.

Automatic Oil Shutoff; Protects your generator by shutting it down instantaneously when the oil levels get too low.

It is an excellent choice when you are looking for a high-quality generator with portability in mind. It weighs 224pounds, which makes it easy to transport from one place to another.

It has an electric start for an easy start, even in cold seasons.

 It contains five built-in outlets for your convenience, as well as 2 USB charging ports that are capable of providing enough juice for smartphones or tablets. 


  • Fuel efficient
  • Extremely powerful
  • Easily portable


  • Has no connection cords

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2. A-iPower 12000-Watt Dual Fuel Generator

A-iPower 12000-Watt Dual Fuel Generator


The A-iPower 12000-Watt Dual Fuel Generator is a rugged, powerful generator capable of starting up your home in emergency power situations.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Gasoline: Surge,12000W, Running 9500W

                        Propane: Surge,10,800W, Running 8500W

  • Runtime: 9hrs@1/2 load
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, LPG
  • Noise Level: 78dBA
  • Weight: 214 Pounds

Key Features

This 12000-Watt Dual Fuel Generator has an electronic low oil shutdown feature and warning lights that inform you when the fuel level is becoming dangerously low and shuts down automatically.

The A-iPower generator features a recoil start with an electric start that will have you up and running with just the push of a button.

The weather-resistant cover outlet allows you to use the device in any weather or condition.

The large 7-gallon gasoline fuel tank gives an average run time of 7 hours at 100% load and 9 hours at 50% load.

Its dual-fuel capability lets you convert between gas and propane with ease using the digital control pad.

Fuel efficient- You will not go through fuel like water when using this machine.


  • It starts quickly and easily
  • Solid construction
  • Clear manual instructions


  • Valve fasteners are not durable

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3. DuroMax XP12000HX  12000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

DuroMax XP12000HX 12000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The DuroMax XP12000HX  12000-Watt dual fuel portable generator is ideal for home backup, camping, RVs, and Jobsites.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Gasoline:Surge,12000W, Running 9500W

                         Propane: Surge,11400W, Running 9025W

  • Runtime: Gasoline:8.83 hrs@1/2 load

                Propane: 7.2 hrs@1/2 load

  • Fuel: Gasoline/Propane
  • Noise Level: 72dBA
  • Weight: 222 Pounds

Key Features

DuroMax "CO Alert Technology" is incorporated, which immediately shuts down the generator if a hazardous quantity of carbon monoxide is detected.

It is powered by a 460cc OHV Duromax engine and is extremely powerful. It features all copper windings that are intended to keep your generator running for years.

The all-new control panel with a digital multimeter, push-button start, and a front-facing fuel interface allows you to switch fuel types in seconds! 

The digital multimeter displays voltage, frequency, total hours run, and the number of hours until necessary maintenance is due.

With its 50Amp Outlets, you can plug-in electric heaters, air conditioners, your refrigerator, freezer, lights, and other devices without the fear of overloading it.


  • CO Alert makes it safe to use
  • Quick, easy start
  • It has a detailed instruction manual


  • It is louder than other generators

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4. Durostar DS12000EH 12000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Durostar DS12000EH 12000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator


The Durostar DS12000EH 12000-Watt dual fuel portable generator is a great option for homeowners who want to be prepared for power outages. It’s also ideal for construction crews, road workers, and other businesses.

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Gasoline;Surge 12000W, Running 9,500W

                       Propane: Surge, 11,400W, Running 9,025W

  • Runtime: Gasoline: 8.83 hrs @ ½ load

                Propane: 7.2 hrs @1/2 load

  • Fuel Type: Gasoline/Propane
  • Noise Level: 74dBA
  • Weight: 228Pounds

Key Features

This DuroStar DS12000EH generator can run on gasoline or propane, giving you a variety of fuel alternatives.

The DuroStar’s 457cc engine is a beast, capable of handling a wide range of jobs, including high-voltage appliances and heavy-duty power equipment. 

With heavy-duty metal construction and a steel roll cage, you can be confident that this generator will last for years. The all-metal structure in generators is the key to ensuring longer durability and stability. 

When the generator is turned down, the RPMs are lowered to save fuel and reduce noise. This is ideal for job locations with intermittent power use.

A low oil shutdown feature also ensures that the engine won’t overheat or fail while you’re using it; the generator shuts down automatically to preserve your investment.

This generator comes with pneumatic no-flat tires that will last you for life!


  • Reliable and powerful
  • Durable
  • Pneumatic tires


  • It’s noisier than other generators

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5. Westinghouse Outdoor Dual Fuel Generator

Westinghouse Outdoor Dual Fuel Generator

With the use of this Westinghouse Outdoor Dual Fuel Generator, you can run tools like saws and drills for hours on end without having to worry about the power running out. 

Product Specifications

  • Power Output: Gasoline; Peak 12500W,9500W Running

                         Propane; Peak 11200W,8500W Running

  • Runtime: 12hrs
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, Propane
  • Noise Level:74dBA
  • Weight:220 Pounds

Key Features

It has a 457cc OHV engine for long life without the maintenance of a small engine. It’s easy-to-use control panel has three options: power, run or start, so you can easily manage the unit from your fingertips.

It generates up to 9,500 watts of continuous power and has three separate 120-volt circuits. It also comes with easy start technology, so it's ready to go as soon as you need it.

Double fuel capability: It can run on either gas or propane, and it has an electric start system that makes sure you never get caught with an empty tank when you need power most. Its battery bank is also very strong and will be able to provide continuous backup for days.

 It is equipped with excellent features like automatic low oil shutdown, full protection design, low noise operation, and an LED display panel.

It’s easy to transport this unit anywhere you need it, as it comes with wheels that make the setup process quick and convenient. 

Automatic Oil Shutoff - Protects your generator by shutting it down instantaneously when the oil levels get too low.


  • Powerful and reliable
  • Quick electric start
  • Dual fuel 


  • Pricey

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What To Consider While Choosing A 12000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

It would be best to have a 12000-watt dual fuel generator to provide power during outages and natural disasters. It is also a great investment for homeowners who want to reduce their electricity bills by running household appliances at night with frequent blackouts.

12000-watt dual fuel generators use gasoline and liquid propane gas (LPG) to generate energy for homes or other buildings where traditional electrical current is unavailable. 

The cost of running a 12000-watt dual fuel generator depends on the price of the LPG being used. If you are planning to purchase a 12000-watt dual fuel generator, then you should consider the following aspects:

Ignition Start Type

The ignition start type's importance depends upon the user's purposes for purchasing a 12000-watt dual fuel generator.

 An electric start would be necessary for a person who needs to use their generator in an area where they need to restart the unit several times throughout its use.

A manual start will work just as well for people who do not expect to need to restart their generator very often during its use. 

The main difference between these two types of generators is how one starts it up. Electric start is usually easier and faster than the manual start, and this is important, especially in cold weather.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity of a generator is very important. It indicates how long the generator can run without being refueled. If you plan to use your generator continuously, you should choose one with a big fuel tank capacity.

Noise Level

Consider the noise decibels as you do not want to disturb your neighbors! If you plan on using a portable generator for a large load, be sure to check the decibel level of the unit before setting it up. 

 The lower the number of decibels, the quieter it is. Most 12000W dual fuel generators range between 68-76 decibels. 

Run Time On Full Tank Of Fuel

It is important to have a plan for refueling to maximize your generator running time. To determine how long the generator will run on a fuel tank, you must know the fuel capacity.

Great generators have a longer running time of about 8 hours and above.

Size Of Generator (Weight)

A generator's weight is an important factor to consider when determining which one you will purchase. Ordering a generator online is a critical decision and not something to be taken lightly.

If you take your generator with you to the job site, your best bet is a portable generator that weighs less than 220 pounds. This way, it is easier to move around without using a forklift or anything of that nature. 

 The size of the generator you need will depend on your expected power usage and the number of hours you plan to use it. Campers would require portable generators with no-flat tires.

Advanced Features

Does it have advanced features like automatic start, stop, or load control?

Efficient cooling; This is an advanced electronic temperature control (ETC) that provides efficient cooling by automatically adjusting fan speed in response to temperature. 

Most portable generators have an automatic low oil shutdown feature that prevents damage caused by running your unit when your oil level is too low. 

The inverter technology gives more power and less noise than others in its class so that it won't interrupt neighbors' peace or other people living nearby.


When choosing a 12000Watt dual fuel generator, it's important to pick one that comes with a longer warranty period. This way, if any complications arise, such as malfunctions, you can be sure to get the manufacturer's support.

The longer the warranty, the more confident you can be in the product. The last thing you want is to buy something that breaks down after a couple of years and ends up costing you even more!

Detailed Instruction Manual

Some generators come with really good instructions while others do not have any! If you are planning on buying a 12000-watt dual fuel generator, make sure that the product has an instruction manual included in the package. 

Instructions will help you understand how to use and maintain your generator properly. If you do not consider this, you can end up with a model that will be hard to handle and use. 


As you can see, not all 12000-watt dual fuel generators are the same. You now have the information you need to compare various high-quality generators and choose the best one for your needs.

We hope we have provided you with the information you need to make an informed buying decision regarding purchasing a 12000-watt dual fuel generator.

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