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Best RV generators

Best RV generators

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Best Generator Review

A generator is a device that would run all the electronic appliances like refrigerators, AC, light circuits during a power outage or in a location where there is no electricity ( camping or a construction site). There are several types of generators because different people have different requirements. This site is specially designed to help you find the best generator on the market for your specific circumstances and your needs. 

Generator Vs Inverter


A generator is one of the most useful devices to provide power in your home or other places during a power cut. It is a device that obtains the mechanical energy from any external sources and converts this into electrical power. It works on the electromagnetic induction principle. 

The engine of the generator operates on gasoline, liquid propane, diesel. For larger engines propane (gas) or natural gas can be used. It is designed to be used with heavy electrical devices and so capable of withstanding heavy loads. They can be noisy and do require periodic maintenance for better performance. They are designed to be used  in places where power cut occurs frequently. 


An inverter is also an electrical device, which converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). It incorporates extra electronic circuits to control battery charging and to manage the load. It is low power devices and ideal for home appliances with low power surges such as refrigerator, microwave, water purifier, etc. 

The inverter will turn on automatically when it detects a power cut and shut the power off when it spikes power suddenly to prevent damages. The inverter requires less or no maintenance and doesn’t create noise even with high load. 

How To Choose A Generator?

Are you looking for the best generator? And you don’t know where to start? If yes! You are in the right place. Here you can find the guidelines and tips to choose the best generator for you. 

  1. Fuel Types

When you are looking for a generator, it is important to consider the fuel types like gasoline, liquid propane, natural gas, diesel, etc. Generally, several generators are allowing you to use both liquid propane and natural gas; some of them allow only diesel or gasoline. So, you’ll need to check the fuel type before choosing it.

  1. Size Of The Generator

The next consideration would be the size of the generators as they are available in various different sizes. The whole house generators are bigger in size than inverter generators, but it supplies power for the long run and a better choice for both residential and commercial use. 

Perhaps! If you are looking for a generator that is portable and easily movable , you can go for an inverter generator, which is ideal for parties, camping, etc. Also, an inverter generator provides clean power AC current that is a better choice for sensitive devices like television, laptop, or mobile phone.

Best Portable Generators

After researching and testing several portable generators, we’ve found that the Honda EU2200i is the best portable generator as it is good for camping, parties, tailgating, etc. It is quite good in performance and ticks more boxes then some of the competitors including low noise level, tank capacity, run time, watts, etc. It is affordable, durable, portable, and last longer. 

Who Makes The Best Portable Generator?

We’ve researched several generators’ features, prices, and customers feedback to create this list. Here are the best portable generators. 

  1. Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator, Yellow/Black

We’ve chosen this generator as it is mid-range in movable generators, so this is our top pick. It is economic and powerful, delivers 4000 watts output. It has low oil shutoff with a 7.0 amp air-cooled OHV engine, runs around 7 hours at half load.

Why we choose this?

  1. Honda EU2200IC 2200-Watt Companion Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Honda EU2200IC 2200 is the optimum preference. It has an awesome industrial design and runs quietly at 53 to 57 dB. It is quite smooth to start and comes with automatic speed adjustment.

Why we choose this?

  1. WEN 56155, 1550 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

WEN doesn’t disappoint when we look at its generator as a high-quality power tool. It always provides reliable power to connected devices with 1550 starting wattage and 1350 running wattage. It runs almost 7.5 hours at 50% load. 

Why we choose this?

How Much Is A Portable Generator?

In the modern era, people want value for money. Moreover, they look for the product with impressive features and that should be easily usable. Especially, when it comes to the generator. Most people prefer portable generators than conventional generators as it can be moved or carried easily. It is a great choice for parties, camping, etc. Also, they are reliable, durable, portable, and affordable. 

Still, many people are unaware of the price of the portable generators, and as a result they hesitate to buy them. In general, portable generators are available at a cheaper rate than other types of generators. 

The cost of portable generators starts from $200 but, still, some are there under $200. However, these generators have fewer features than others. In recent days, a 3kW unit is available for around $500 and 8kW for $1500 to $2000. Obviously, the 10kW unit cost more. The generator price varies based on the brand, model, and the portal or shop that you purchase. 

Sometimes, you are able to purchase them with some discounts on eCommerce sites like Amazon.

Whole house generators


Whole house generators are ideal for both residential and commercial use as it is packed with a high-quality automotive-style engine, lower RPMs. It will not produce too much noise even when it operates with high output or longer run time. It is fuel-efficient, and the power capability range starts from 22 to 48kW. 

There are a lot of whole house generators, which varies based on the source of fuel, size, transfer switch, and so on. When it comes to fuel, Liquid Propane (LP), Natural Gas (NG), and Diesel are used to operate the generator. The fuel tank comes in different sizes, and a large tank is quite good to run the generator without any difficulty.

  1. Transfer Switch

An automatic transfer switch turns on the generator automatically at the time of power outage. It is highly recommended where there is a frequent power failure. A transfer switch is available in three different sizes: 50 amps, 100 amps, 200 amps. 

  1. Generator Size

The size of the generators also varies, which starts from 22kW to 48kW. The sizes 27 to 36kW are perfect for homes with fewer devices, and 48kW can be used for the entire house. 

  1. Liquid Cooled

The whole house generator is packed with a liquid-cooled system, which generates up to 150 kilowatts energy so it can be used for larger homes.

Best Whole House Generators

Like the best rated portable generators, here is the list of best whole house generators for your reference. 

  1. Champion Power Equipment 100294

Champion Power is a more popular generator worldwide and is ideal for your home. It comes under the category of best whole house generators. It allows you to use two different types of fuel, which are liquid propane and natural gas. 

As mentioned, it is residential-friendly with a power output of 12kW on natural gas and 14kW on liquid-propane. Like many generators, it has a transfer switch. It will produce a 63 dB level of noise while running. (Is that good???)

One of the advantages of the generator is that it will offer 10-year warranty and you will never get such a warranty period from any other company. 

  1. Generac 70422

Generac is another popular model. It runs with both liquid propane and natural gas. It is coated with a RhinoCoat powder finish. This makes its generator ideal for all weather conditions as it protects the aluminum body from corrosion. It also has an LCD panel, which is very useful to monitor battery status and maintenance intervals. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty period. 

Best standby generator

A Standby generator is the safest and most hassle-free. It is great at keeping all the electrical products safe during a power outage. Buying a standby generator is a smart investment when you live in an area where power cut issues are common. 

Standby generators are more powerful and dependable with a good capacity. They are capable to run more than the basic household appliances when there is a power failure. Here is the list of the best standby generator. We’ve made this after doing many types of research of standby generators. 

Generac 7043 Guardian Series

Generac is one of the most popular and recommendable generators for larger homes as it is packed with impressive 22,000 Watts and allows you to use two fuel types: Liquid Propane and Natural Gas. It has an automatic transfer switch, which automatically turns on the generator when it detects the power failure. 

Also, it is enclosed with an all-weather aluminum with 3 removable sides for easy maintenances and access. The multilingual LCD display helps to monitor the battery and its next routine maintenance. It is powerful, durable, reliable and comes with 5-year warranty



Best Standby Generator For Home Use

A standby generator is also known as the whole house generator. This is the best choice for home usage as it provides a greater power supply for all electronic appliances in the home. Within seconds of a blackout, it will turn on the power system automatically.

Also, it is ideal for homes with a lot of appliances or devices. There are several standby generators, so it is necessary to choose the best one for you to enjoy their benefit. Here is the best standby generator for your reference. 

Champion Power Equipment 100294 14KW

Like the name implies champion is one of the best standby generators as it is fuel-efficient. It allows you to use two different types of fuel: Liquid Propane and Natural Gas. It has a transfer switch to turn on the generator automatically at the time of a power failure. 

One of the cool features of the Champion generator is very resistant to some ranges of temperature between - -22° F – 104° F. This is suitable for the areas with extreme temperatures and it does not require a warming kit. It is enclosed with a Gull-wing style for easy maintenance and access. It comes with 10 years warranty. 

Standby Generator Ratings

When you look for the generator the foremost factor to consider what you would use it for. It is crucial to give some importance to the ratings of the generators. These guidelines are specifically made for you after comparing lots of generators. Follow these guidelines and know the ratings of the standby generators. 

Rating Of Standby Generator★★★★

Best Solar Generator

A Solar Generator is an alternative power source, which uses the sun to produce energy. It supplies power to other machines or a power grid. Solar generators are equipped with solar panels, a smart solar box,  a solar battery, a battery charger, a charge inverter and also has a graphical user interface. 

The solar panel is responsible for the direct energy conversion and it processes the energy through the battery charger. The battery charger is used to charge several batteries and a charge inverter converts stored power in each battery to AC current to switch on the device. 

One of the advantages of a solar panel is it includes a circuit breaker to prevent the passing high electricity surges to the devices. A solar generator is quite good for home appliances, portable electronics, and commercial tools. With solar energy, electrical devices like Smartphones, tablets can be charged over a hundred times. 

There are different types of solar generators and each one is used for different devices such as solar backup generators, solar portable generators, etc. 

A solar backup generator is packed with the highest wattage and great for large scale appliances like television, refrigerator, etc. Portable generators are lightweight and versatile can be used for small devices like laptops, cameras, etc. 

Portable Solar Generator

When you look for the best portable solar generator, it is crucial to consider some of the features in the generator. Here they are. 

  1. Solar Panel

The first consideration would be a panel of portable solar generators. Multiple roof-mounted panels and larger battery banks are perfect for all the devices in the home. The panels collect more energy to start-up, the batteries provide consistent power supply to all the household appliances even if some of them are drained or being charged. 

  1. Battery Capacity And Power Rating

The next consideration would be the battery capacity of the solar portable generator. Capacity is the amount of electricity that solar panel stores, but not the amount of power that provides at a given moment.

So, you’ll need to check the rating of the battery power to know this. For instance, if you choose a high capacity battery with a low power rating, you’ll get less electricity for a longer period. Buy the generator with multiple batteries to enjoy the power supply at any time without any trouble. 

  1. Battery Type

 There are different types of battery available on the market, but the two major common types are lead-acid and lithium-ion.

Lead-acid batteries: This is similar to the battery used in cars and the most common one and least expensive. It has a shorter life span, but is cost-effective and can be used for home use. 

Lithium-Ion batteries: This type of batteries is lightweight, compact, and provides a longer life span than lead-acid batteries. This is the most popular in solar generators for its size and weight despite its higher price. 

  1. Charge Controller

A charge controller protects the batteries from overcharging by regulating the current from a solar panel. For better performance, look for a controller with a waterproof and LED display so the information about the efficiency of your system is readily available. 

  1. Weight

The final consideration would be the weight of the solar power generator. The solar power weight starts from 20 to 200 pounds. The weight varies based on the battery type, solar panel, etc. In general, less weight solar panel is recommendable as it’s easier to move and there is less risk of being damaged during moves. 

  1. Convenient Features 

Other than the above factors, consider the following features when you look for your new solar backup generator.

Best Solar Generator

A solar power generator is off-grid, lightweight, and is a great alternative power source for light use. It does not make noise or produces any fumes like regulator portable generators. It is packed with an all-in-one portable power station with a rechargeable battery. It can be charged with a solar panel or through a CIG port or wall outlet AC supply. Here you can find the best solar generator.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

Goal Zero is one of the most popular brands in producing solar generators, solar power panels, and accessories. The Yeti 400 portable power station is a powerful and sturdy design. It has a 396Wh lead acid battery to power the devices up to seven 33Ah at 12V. Moreover, it has a versatile array of power output, which makes it more convenient. 

One of the cool features of the solar generators is the LCD display that helps to estimate your run time, know the power input and output, and understand the positions of your panels. It is easy to charge and access, it runs for approximately 5 hours of the complete charge. 

It is not necessisary to do frequent recharges as the battery backup comes for a longer period. This is the best choice if you don’t want to deal with fumes, noise, and maintenance issues. 

Best Backup Generator

The backup generator with 5,000 to 7,000 watts is used to run the most crucial household equipment like a refrigerator, freezer, well pump, and lighting circuits. A Generator with around 7,500 watts can be used to run all these devices at once, and 3,000 to 4000 watts would be ideal for RV’s. In this list, one of the best backup generators is CAT® RP7500E. 

CAT® RP7500E - 7500 Watt Electric Start Portable Generator (49-State)

CAT is perfect for both home and commercial use as it is packed with 7500 watts and a lithium-Ion battery. The battery charges automatically when the generator runs. It is fuel-efficient with a 420cc engine, and its automatic low-oil shutdown prevents the damages from a low oil event.

 The automatic voltage regulation prevents damages in voltage spikes by controlling output. It is durable and portable, and easy to transfer anywhere with never-flat wheels. It runs approximately 11 hours at 50% load and does not produce huge noise even at overload. The fuel tank capacity is 7.0 gallons, and gasoline is its fuel type. You can enjoy a 3 -year consumer warranty. 

CAT is the best choice that you want to buy the best backup generator with a lot of features at an affordable price. 

Best dual fuel generator

Dual generators are electrical generators in general. Two different fuels sources,  gasoline and propane can be used to generate electricity. Gas is very easy to obtain, but it can be noisy and produces fumes. On the other hand, propane is cleaner and quieter in terms of power generation.

There are a lot of dual-fuel generators on the market. We’ve done our research to find the best one. Here are the three best dual fuel generators. 

Our first pick is Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator because it comes with a 10.5-gallon fuel capacity, 12000 watts, and continuously runs for 16 hours. This generator is ideal for outdoor activities like campaigns, parties, etc. The fuel capacity is higher than the others. 

Next up, we have a Dual Fuel Generator from Duroma because it is packed with 8.3 gallons and 9500 watts. Plus 1-year warranty available. The generator is powered by an18 HP 456 cc OHV Duromax engine.

At the 3rd position, we have a Dual Fuel Generator from Champion Power Equipment. It is highly reliable, fuel-efficient, and runs for 9 to 10.5 hours with a full fuel tank. It comes with a 3-years warranty.

These generators are packed with amazing features. They are more affordable and durable than other generators. 

Best Tri-Fuel Generator

Tri-Fuel generator is also called a Triple Fuel generator, which runs on liquid propane, natural gas, or gasoline. It is simple and convenient to change the fuel sources from one to another. The fuel of gasoline is a little difficult to store, so propane and natural gas are the easer options. 

Natural gas is a good choice since refueling is unnecessary. Liquid propane is convenient to store for a longer period as this shelf life is almost 12 years. When no other fuel is found it can be run on gasoline, but this shelf life is 30 to 60 days and the expired gasoline may damage the engine.

It is the best choice when you don’t want to change fuel frequently. Here are the lists of top Tri fuel generators. 

These are the best Tri-fuel generator on the market.

Best Diesel Generator

Like other fuel types of generators, diesel generators are more popular in the market, and they sell very well for both industrial and commercial use. 

Cummins Onan Quiet Series RV QD10000

One of the best diesel generators is Cummins Onan Quiet Series RV QD10000, which is specifically designed for RVs, and it is capable for handling 3 AC units at the same time. The 10,000 watts surge power and 8,000 running power makes this a home standby generator. 

Also, there is no fuel tank inside of the casing; you will need to connect a separate fuel tank to run the engine. It uses only 0.43 gallons of diesel per hour at 50% load, so keep this in mind before you use them. 

Some of the best aspects of this model are:


It is technologically advanced with controllable variable speed, pure sine wave output and a microprocessor to detect any issues in the generator. These packed features increase the generator’s performance and decrease the maintenance level. 

It has noise-cancelling elements like casing, muffler, and an enclosed cooling system, which reduces the noise level down to 70 dB. It will also start automatically with a remote start when it detects a power failure, so there is no need to turn on the diesel generator manually. 

Best Portable Diesel Generator

There is also a portable diesel generator on the market. Here is the best portable diesel generator for your reference. 

Melton Yanmar Diesel Generator 

Melton Yanmar is very popular and the best generator in the diesel generator list as it is quite good in overall performance. It is easy to maintain and transfer, fuel and energy-efficient, and long-lasting. The electrical output on its model (AVR) provides steady and smooth power. 

A full tank of diesel can run almost 6 to 15 hours, and its open frame keeps the engine air-cooled. Also, the overall unit rest on inclined rubber blocks which reduces vibration, and packed well-muffled exhaust which lowers the noise level of the generator. 

It comes with low-oil shutoff and an alarm to indicate the fuel percentage. It will automatically indicate and shut off when it detects low fuel percentage. Along with that, it has a recoil starter and has pressure lubrication for easy maintenance. However, it is not easy to transport as it does not come with wheels or handles. 

Melton's overall performance is awesome except for portability. However, this generator is light weight which helps with transportation even without wheels.

Best Quiet Generator

There are different types of generators and it varies based on the size, watts, cost, noise level, run time, etc. So, it is crucial to choose the best generator for your needs. Are you looking for the best quiet generator? If yes! Why don’t you consider Honda EU3000is? It is one of the most popular quietest generators used around the world. 

Especially, when it comes to the noise level, it will produce low noise than other generators with a limited load. It is simple, durable, reliable, and portable. It will come for a longer period with good maintenance. This is available at an affordable price with all the main features that will protect the equipment from damage. 

Here are the features of this generator. 


Small Quiet Generators 


There is also a selection of smaller quiet generators which might suit you better

  1. Champion 4000 Watt

Like the name implies, champion is one of the most popular quiet generators. Unlike other generators, the champion is packed with 4000 watts. One of the advantages of the feature is it is powerful and comes with a bigger fuel tank for a longer run time. 

It will produce 64 dB at ¼ loads, which is louder than the Honda. A 3-year limited warranty is available. The weight of the generator is 81 pounds, so it is not easy to transport. 

  1. WEN 56203i 2000- Watt

WEN is another popular model in the list of  small quiet generators. It only produces 51 dB at ¼ loads. The noise level might ramps up for a bigger load, but it will remain at the same level for an overall load. Unlike the champion, it is lightweight and easy to transport and carry. A 2- year limited warranty is available. It is capable of parallel running with its similar type of generators. WEN is fuel efficiency, but it is more expensive than the other two types. 

These three are the best small quiet generators . Hopefully this will help you in your quest to find the best generator for you.

Best Generator For Home

Today, there are different types and models of generators available on the market. So, it is difficult to choose the right and suitable generator.

Are you looking for the best generator for home use? If yes! You are in the right place. Here we’ve introduced one of the best generators on the market, which is Honda Siel Power Products EP 1000. Continue to read to know more about the generator of Honda Siel. 

 Honda Siel Power Products EP 1000

If you want to buy a generator with attractive features at an affordable price, you should consider a Honda Siel. It is packed with 4-strokes single cylinder. The cool feature of the generator is its portable option. It is durable, reliable, portable, quite sturdy, and appears with a sleek design. Also, it comes with a very powerful motor that ensures longer lasting performance. 

It allows you to connect all kinds of appliances or devices in your home such as refrigerator, microwave, etc. This generator comes with a limited warranty. It does not produce much noise, so it is perfectly suitable for home-usage.

Best Rated Generators

In the best rated generators lists, you will find a lot of generators. The best generator list is given below, so continue to read to know more about them.

  1. WEN 56155, 1550 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

WEN is one of the best-rated generators on the market as it is always ready to provide reliable power with 1550 starting wattage and 1350 running wattage. It runs for 7.5 hours at half load, it is lightweight and equipped with a noise muffler to lower the noise level while running. The noise level would be 63 dB. It is a great choice as it is being affordable and great value. 

  1. Westinghouse WGen5500 Portable Generator

Westinghouse is another portable generator in the list of best-rated generators. It is packed with great innovative features such as a large fuel tank. The fuel tank is larger and the size is .6 with a fuel gauge. Its run time is13 hours at 50% load and adequately provides basic power to your home or at the campground. The noise level is 62 dB and their transfer switch automatically starts the generator at the time of power failure. 

Most Reliable Generator

Here are the lists of most reliable generators on the market, so this list will help you while choosing the best reliable generator for both industrial and residential use.

  1. Generac 71177 GP2200i

Generac 71177 is one of the most reliable generators as it has impressive watts and running performance. It has 2200 running wattage and 1700 surge wattage. It runs almost 10.75 hours at ¼ loads but it has a low capacity tank of 1.2 gals. 

Also, Generac is the quietest one because it doesn’t produce much noise. It supplies clean power to all the devices along with that it is capable of working in parallel with a similar generator or model.

  1. Briggs & Stratton P2200 

This is also another reliable generator, which comes with 1700 running wattage and 2200 surge wattage. It runs around 8 hours at 25% and only produces 59 dB noise. The fuel tank capacity is very small as it has 1 gallon and the generator weight is 54.6 Ibs. So, it is easily transferable, portable, and affordable. It produces less than THD and so it is a great choice for all the appliances.  

These two generators are more reliable among all others. You can consider them while buying reliable generators. 

Clean Power Generator

Clean power is crucial in the modern working environment to have power connections all the time especially in construction sites. The clean power generator is useful to have electrical power to charge electronic devices like Smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. According to a study, electronics are sensitive to THD (Total harmonic distortion??) and are as important in the job sites as traditional power tools. The generator with clean power is easily chargeable and will be there consistently when you need it. 

The clean power generator is ideal for 5% or less THD, which is closer to a pure sine wave. It is intended for use with modern power tools. 

Generators that produce exceptional clean power are called inverters. This will cost more than standard models. It will have variable load features, which controls the engine speed based on the demand of the electrical load. 

Clean power generators are durable, portable, affordable, and easy to transfer. This generator is the best choice for you if you want to buy the generator with a lot of features at an affordable price.

Inverter Generator Vs Regular Generator

  1. Current

 The first and foremost difference in the inverter generator and regulator is what kind of electricity is produced. The inverter generator produces electricity in 3 phases while a regular generator produces AC current. 

The stable sine wave makes an inverter generator unique and it’s considered a clean electricity source. This means there is a minimal harmonic distortion that creates a safe energy source for sensitive appliances like mobile phones.

On the other hand, a regulator generator has a messy sine wave which creates more harmonic distortion and so it may damages some sensitive devices like microphones. 

  1. Power And Fuel Efficiency

A regulator generator is capable to produce more power than an inverter generator. The production of power varies depends on the size of the fuel tank and the mechanical difference in electricity production. 

At the same time, the inverter generators are energy efficient as it is produced with an AC current. The engine of the generator adjusts the load automatically which a regular generator cannot do. 

An inverter generator is fuel efficiency even with a smaller tank but a regular generator has a larger fuel tank, but running times are similar for both. However, a regular generator provides a larger power output. 

Best Inverter Generator

Today, there are different types of generators and each one comes with different technical specifications, designs, and so on. An inverter generator is one of the types and it is quite popular in the market. Inverter generator comes under the category of top portable generators. 

The control over the electrical AC current makes the generator energy-efficient and the engine adjusts to the load automatically. Inverter generators are generally portable than others. Like conventional generators, it has an output of 120volts at 60 Hertz. 

It is also smaller as it is designed with a small fuel tank and engine. Many invertor generators run on fossil fuel and it draws the power from the fuel tank. It also has a battery, alternator, and inverter. 

When it comes to the noise level, the inverter generator produces a low level of noise around 53 to 58 dB of noise. It meets the environmental requirements by producing fewer greenhouse emissions.

Another benefit of the inverter generator is it can be paralleled with another similar inverter generator. Inverter generators are affordable and are available in both eCommerce sites like Amazon and conventional stores. Inverter generators are easy to transport, are portable, durable, and reliable. 

Top Rated Inverter Generator

Inverter generators are the best portable power sources for your home, office or during parties. It provides a clean power source to your sensitive electronic appliances you’re your television, laptop, mobile phones, etc. 

In order to make ratings of the inverter generator. To  help you find the best invertor generator for you we have done our research. We’ve listed this based on the customer’s opinions. 

  1. WEN 56200i 2000 Watts

WEN is the first generator that comes under the category of top rated inverter generator because its features are better than other generators. It has 2000 starting wattage while 1600 running wattage. It runs around 6 hours at 50% load on a full fuel tank. Also, it only produces 51 dB noise levels at 25% load. The weight of this generator is 48 Ibs, it is easy to transfer, durable, and portable. 

  1. Champion Power Equipment 3400 Dual Fuel 3400 Watts

Champion is another popular model, which has 3400 starting wattage and 3100 running wattage. It runs around 14 hours on full tank of liquid propane and 11.5 hours on natural gas at the load of 25%. It weighs more than the WEN but it is still a great choice for RVs. Thus, Champion is great for camping. 

Top Generator Brands

As you know, there are several generator brands available in the market, so it is difficult to choose the right brand. For your convenience, we’ve listed the top brand generator to help you make your choice.


In this list, Generac is one of the brands that provide both whole house and portable generators such as Generac 7117 GP2200i, Generac GP3000i Super Quiet Inverter, etc. It has been there for several years and quite popular in the market. Generac has plenty of great features. Also, you can buy them at an affordable price. 

  1. Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is another popular brand worldwide as it has been on the market for over 100 years and produced a lot of different equipment like water pumps. Recently, it produced various generators with amazing features. It is a reliable and good choice but slightly more expensive. Some of its generators are Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 Power Smart Series, Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500, etc.

  1. Westinghouse

Westinghouse is also more famous especially for its inverter generator. It is lightweight with a longer run. Westinghouse WGen7500, Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter is a more popular model.

Home Generator Ratings

We recently surveyed to get the customers opinions of home standby generators and were excited to receive a good score of 4-and-a-half out of 5 stars for overall satisfaction.

Rating Of Home Generator★★★★½

  1. What size generator do I need?

The Generator with 3000 to 4000 watts RV would be ideal for home appliances like refrigerators, freezer, well pump, and light circuits. 

  1. What is an inverter generator?

An inverter generator is designed to supply clean power AC current to the electronic appliances. It is very quiet, durable, reliable, portable, and affordable. 

  1. How to connect a generator to a house without a transfer switch?

The interlocking kit is the best alternative of transfer switch and it should match your model of the generator. 

  1. How to quiet a generator?
  1. How to hook up a portable generator to a house?

One of the easiest ways to hook up a portable generator to a house is via a transfer switch

  1. How many generators do I need?

Generally, one generator is enough for household appliances.

  1. What will a 10000 watt generator run?

10000 watts generator is capable to run all appliances such as refrigerator and freezer, window air conditioner, furnace, sump pump, and light circuits.

  1. How much can a 7500 watt generator run?

With 7500 watts, you can run most electronic devices like a refrigerator, freezer, well pump, water heater, light, and oven in your home. 

  1. How much does a generator cost?

A generator price varies with the size and capacity of the generator. Best way to check is click on the links to amazon on any page on this site.

  1. 3000 watts generator what will it run?

3000 watts generator runs everything in your home includes AC, fridge, television, light circuits, etc.

  1. What size generator for the house?

3000 to 4000 watts would be ideal for home appliances.

  1. How much does a whole house generator cost?

A small whole house generator cost would be around $500 and the generator with more than 20kW cost would be up to $6,000.

  1. How long can a generator run?

The run time varies based on the generator types and brand. Most generators can run 500 hours for 3 weeks of continuous use.

  1. What size generator for 50 amps RV?

4000 watts generator is a great choice for 50 amps RV.

  1. Where can I buy a generator?

It is better to buy generators from eCommerce sites like Amazon to enjoy the best deals.